ПОРТЛЕНД ᛫ Орегон ᛫ Пино нуар долины Уиламит | США #2

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We came up with a cool challenge! We came to the first winery… …to the winery called Saffron Fields. The most European out of all wineries we’ve visited today. To tell the history a bit. Pino Noir is her favourite wine. Open in… …oh great, in seven years! -Don’t I have a glass of wine? […]

Making of strong Guava wine 2018 spl home made xmas spl

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5 kg guava Slice slice Take some water Boil guava Make sugar syrup Jar Now the temp is normal Store guava in jar Mix sugar syrup Cinnamon Claws Yeast Close the jar Keep it in a cool dry place for 21 days Open after 21 days Filter the wine Keep it another 21 days You […]

Lamb Kleftiko and Pairing Wine with Lamb

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Which wine pairs best with the Cypriot classic slow-cooked lamb known as kleftiko? With the roast, we have two incredible Cypriot red wines, a dry Cabernet Sauvignon by Kyperounda Winery and a dry Shiraz by Vlassides Winery. We are going to find out which of these two Cypriot red wines pairs best with slow-cooked kleftiko […]

Facts about Wine Crystals and Wine Diamonds

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Why are there crystals in my wine? I thoroughly enjoyed researching this topic and can’t wait to share with you all the facts I have found out about crystals in wine! And stick around until the end, to find out exactly what you need to do to win at serving wine at your next dinner […]

Amazing Gewürztraminer Wine and Food Pairing

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What food pairs with Gewürztraminer white wine? Today we’re pairing a dry Gewürztraminer wine from the Trentino-Alto Adige, in Italy, with baklava, the most popular traditional dessert in the eastern Mediterranean. This is a Gewürztraminer food pairing you cannot afford to ignore! And make sure you stick around until the end, for my top tip […]

Types of Red Wine : Malbec Wine Facts

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Hi, I’m going to tell you about a wine called Malbec. Sometimes people pronounce it “Molbec”, it depends on where you’re from. Now Malbec is not very known in America, but it should be, it has an interesting story. Malbec is actually thought to be from the Bordue region in France. And as a matter […]

Rosé Wine – the Best Wine for Picnics

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Hey Tasters! This is Annabelle McVine. WineScribble is on holiday. We are in the mountains. We’re at the heart of the wine routes of Limassol in Cyprus. Right now we’re exploring a nature trail and we have decided to stop for a picnic. Join us! I never serve anything without a salad and Greek salad […]

Claude François, Journaliste luxembourgeois et importateur de vins — Paroles de Passionnés

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In Luxembourg, Saint-Emilion wines have been known for ages, decades… there are firm Saint-Emilion wines enthusiasts, who prefer Merlot to other cépages, they are more supple, and they have a lot of wines in their cellars. They do exist, I wouldn’t say they are collectors, but they are ferocious and regular enthusiasts. My father always […]

Wine Types & Selection Tips : Types of Red Wine

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And now I’m going to talk about the different types of red wines. From my perspective, red wines fall into two categories, New World red wines and Old World red wines. New World red wines have, in main, go by varietal. Varietal means one grape variety within the bottle. So here we’ve got a hundred […]

Prosecco Valdobbiadene Sparkling Wine and Food Pairing

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Do you know which wine pairs perfectly with fresh calamari? Yesterday, WineScribbles own organic fishermen Vassilis brought us freshly caught squid. There is only one response to a calamari feast… Bring out the bubbles! And make sure you stick around until the end for my bonus bit of wine trivia about Prosecco cocktails. Hey Tasters! […]