What Goes into Making a Good Organic Wine

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So you have a totally certified bio dynamic farm. So what does that mean? If I think of conventional farming I’m thinking fertilisers. What is really is the difference? A conventional farmer would probably go down to the cooperative and buy super phosphate or LAN depending on what the analysis says and an organic farmer […]

making of Strong jambu fruit wine#WAXAPPLE#WINE#strong#home#made#ചാമ്പക്ക വൈൻ കുടിച്ചിട്ടുണ്ടോ

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HI friends…… today we are going to make jambu fruit wine this is our farm fresh jambu fruit first wash and clean the jambu fruit cut the jambu fruit glass jar(6 ltrs ) water 1.5 kg sugar mix the sugar add 1kg jambu fruit mix it add water leave some gap check the sugar. you […]

Pouilly Fume (A white wine for pure enjoyment!)

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Dini: In this video, you’re going to learn all about Pouilly Fume wines so that you can discover the joys of this incredible wine. Stay tuned until the end so you can learn how to find even more wines that you’re going to love. If you want to live well and enjoy good wine, then […]

Two wines for Christmas, a red and a white

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How To Tell The Quality Of A Burgundy Wine

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It’s no exaggeration to say that Burgundy produces some of the most expensive and indeed rarest wines in the world, but what makes this land so special? With 84 total appellations and hundreds of different vineyards, its sometimes difficult to know exactly where to find the best wines. Fascinatingly, the regions large number of appellations […]

Best Temperature to Serve Red Wine – The California Wine Club

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Hi! My name is Jonathan Boring and welcome to The California Wine Club’s video on the best temperatures to serve red wine. If you’re storing your red wine at or near room temperature, and then drinking that wine immediately, there’s a good chance you’re probably not getting the most out of your red. Full red […]

Wine of the Week: Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay (Episode 33)

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Welcome to another episode of Wines & Titas! This week, we have Hello. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Mikey, and I am a Creative Director from a media agency called And on the side, I’m a co-founder of an exclusive, limited edition leather brand called and it’s bondage inspired. Wow. Like this. And […]

Blended Wine Facts : Red Meritage Blended Wines

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I’m going to talk about an interesting blended wine, and it’s a wine called Meritage. If you’ve ever heard people say “Meritage”, it’s the same thing. However, I can tell you that the original and proper way to pronounce the term is “Meritage”. A Meritage is a blended wine made in the New World from […]

Wine tasting RAICES Crianza DO Valdepeñas

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Hello and welcom! My name is Jose. I work at Bodegas Fernando Castro. This winery established en 1850 is one of the oldest wineries en Castilla-La-Mancha. Today we will taste “Raices Crianza”. A wine which recived a high rating from Robert Parker. So let´s taste the wine. We can see ruby colors which are starting […]

Peloponnese Wine Festival, Limassol, 2019 (2 of 2)

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Hey Tasters! This is the second part of the video from the Peloponnese wine festival. As you recall, I had so much footage I had to make two videos. Enjoy the second half. Welcome to Troupis Winery. Troupis Winery is located in Mantinea, which is in the centre of the Peloponnese. The variety that we […]