17 Signs Of A High Functioning Alcoholic

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Brainy Dose Presents: 17 Signs Of A High Functioning Alcoholic The term ‘high-functioning alcoholic’ sounds contradictory. How can anyone function well and be an alcoholic at the same time? Yet, this is exactly the definition of someone who is a high-functioning alcoholic. This is a person who holds a steady job, dresses well, and can […]

The Science of Alcohol: From Beer to Bourbon

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For humans, food and drink are more than just a necessity for survival. They’re a huge part of our culture and our history, shaping our lives on a daily basis. And alcohol has had perhaps the strongest, uh, influence on us. Pun intended. From soft alcohols like beers and wines to hard liquors like whiskey […]

Mom Struggles No One Talks About • Wine Mom

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(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Hannah, your friendly neighborhood wine mom welcome to my couch. Pour yourself a glass of wine and let’s talk. We did a video awhile back where you guys could text me, and a lot of you were texting ideas for future videos. So a text that kept coming through is […]

Cooper’s Hawk Insider Access – Allen Brothers

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Happy summer, everyone! I’m Tim McEnery, the Founder & CEO of Cooper’s Hawk and we are here at my home today to celebrate some of the incredible collaborations that we’ve been working on. I’ve been blessed to be able to travel the world thanks to all of you. I get to have some pretty incredible […]

Beverage Alcohol to be Sold in Hundreds of Additional Stores Across Ontario

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Minister Fedeli>>There will be more than 300 new retail outlets selling beverage alcohol across Ontario. More grocery stores across the province to sell wine beer and cider. The LCBO is expanding its agency store program with up to 60 stores. These new locations will now appropriately be called “LCBO Convenience Outlets” [Title: Coming to your […]

Packing Wine & Beer in Your Luggage | How to Safely Transport Beverages on Your Trip

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Hi there, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In this video, we’re exploring a common question, especially for those of you traveling back from Europe … How to transport wine and beer in your luggage? (light chiming music) I’ve struggled with the idea of transporting alcohol from my travel destination. While it seems intuitive to me […]

crochet blouse wine (with subtittles in several lenguage)

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hello my name is esther and you are in esther’s channel and her crochet world let’s make this beautiful blouse It’s very easy to do the material and sizes I explain in the video my recommendation baby wool for crochet nº3mm but I explain in the video more or less 300 grams depending on the […]

#myNCstory ~ Niagara College Teaching Winery: Icewine Harvest

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(upbeat music) -It’s a perfect day for the ice wine harvest. – So it has to be picked, the legal limit is minus eight so it has to be that or colder. So if it’s minus ten at two in the morning, that’s when you pick. If it’s minus ten at seven in the morning, […]

Can you drink wine and stay in ketosis? – CHTV 146

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Meredith Dykstra: Welcome to Cellular Healing TV. I’m your host Meredith Dykstra and this is Episode Number 146, and we have Dr. Dan Pompa, our resident cellular healing specialist on the line. Today we have a very special guest, and his name is Todd White. Todd White is a wine expert and we have a […]

Best Alcohol for Weight Loss with BonVie Weight Loss

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What are the best and worst alcohols for weight loss? If you‘ve been listening to our previous videos on alcohol, you know that drinking slows down or stops weight loss. But, if you are on weight maintenance, or you occasionally decide to have a drink while on a diet, what are the best choices? I’m […]