Wine Glass Charms

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Hello, I’m Kelly Acheson from astamp coming to you from Menasha WI. Today for the Splitcoaststampers tutorial we’re gonna be playing with shrink plastic, Now you may remember this from when you were a kid – we called it shrinky dinks and they were so much fun watching the magic happen in the oven. […]

Cooper’s Hawk Esquire Chicago Wine Tower

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Here at Cooper’s Hawk Esquire Chicago, we have a four-story wine cellar with over 1,500 varietals from around the world! So whether you’re just getting into wine or you’ve been in this world for a long time, we’ve created an experience for you to discover something new. We look forward to exploring the world of […]

Shopping Inside Total Wine and Spirits in Shrewsbury, MA ( Tiệm bán rượu bia )

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Hello everyone! Today I’ve got a chance to stop by this liquor store they have a lot of wine and beers, that’s why I wanted to do a video clip for everyone to see let’s do it in January, still cold I’ll need my beanie hat to keep my head warm This store name Total […]

Lagerita – the Ultimate Beer Cocktail? | Jonny Garrett

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Hi Guys, Welcome to DrinksTube I’m Jonny from The Craft Beer Boys and today we’re celebrating London Beer Week with a twist on a Margarita. So we’re gonna get that savouryness from the tequila, we’re gonna add some hoppyness and some fruit from a lovely hoppy beer. So super simple this is all you;re gonna […]

What are Trappist Beers? | Craft Beer Boys

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Brothers and sisters, welcome to Drinks Tube. This is brother Jonny, I’m brother Jim, this is brother Brad and we’re the craft beer brothers. We’re here to talk about our favourite Trappist beers, and a Trappist beer is what? Is a beer made by monks. Within the walls of the monastery? Within the walls of […]

Four Beers for Beer Haters | Sarah Warman

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Hi i’m Sarah and i’m a professional beer lover but I didn’t always used to like beer, in fact, I used to hate it until I found a beer that changed my mind. Beer is fantastically diverse, so I can personally guarantee that if you think you don’t like beer it’s just that you haven’t […]

How To Make Red Wine Spaghetti Recipe with Walnuts Pecorino and Parsley By Rachael

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Hello, welcome to Underneath the bottle my name is Michael and today we’re going to take a closer look at the wines from Argentina So what makes Argentina such a special winemaking place on Earth? …well Altitude… Geography The wines from Argentina are planted on some of the highest altitudes in the world. Some people […]

Omodos Wine Village in Cyprus

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Hey Tasters! We are in Omodos! Omodos is one of the most beautiful villages, winemaking villages, in the “Krasochoria” villages of Limassol. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Omodos is situated at an altitude of 810 meters above sea level. And it’s surrounded by very famous vine growing regions, the mountain tops of Afames and Laona, that produce […]

8 Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

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8 Benefits of Drinking Red Wine Wine has many benefits. These range from controlling hypertension to preventing dementia. Luckily, drinking wine is one of the most deep-rooted customs around the world. This drink can help people keep their weight under control. It can even maintain low levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). These facts give birth […]