Primitive Technology | Traditional Wine Making from Banana

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My Video Show about Wine Making from Banana in Cambodia. Water Save for 2 days Clay

Red wine apple gremolata and caramel apple butter carrots

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We are back in Sunnyside at Bon Vino’s, a friendly local spot with a unique and fresh breakfast and lunch menu. The ingredients that the chef uses. Everything is fresh. It’s one of the places in town that have a good variety of food. We try to add a little more to the community and […]

Quick Sips Wine Tips: 3 Wines to Try With Chili and Stews

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All this cold weather got you feeling chilly? No worries. I have the answer to your problems! Chili. Literally, like, a bowl of chili! On today’s quick sips we’re gonna talk about wines that most excellently with chilis and stews. Now I’m hungry. Let’s go eat people! Chilis and winter stews are big, bold, spicy, […]

Discover The Red Wines of Burgundy

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♪ MICHAEL: This is the moment of truth in Burgundy.A year has passed since the last harvestlike thousands more before them.No two growing seasons are ever the same.The pickers need to act.Temperatures are dropping,and the water will swell the grapes,diluting their delicate flavours–or worse, rot or shrivel the leaves.This is the drama of winemakingin one […]

The Most Expensive Wine in the World $ How Much & WHY!?

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Reportedly, the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold in the world was a 6-Liter flask, of 1992 Screaming Eagle sold at auction back in 2000 while the wine wasn’t even ten years old. If you’re wondering why, well, we’ll get to it in a minute. But first what is screaming Eagle? well screaming Eagle […]

Flavorful with the Main Dish – Sweet Wine Course #6

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Hello, together let’s go over the dishes that go well with the Sweet Bordeaux. Fish, crustaceans, poultry or white meats, everything goes well with the Sweet Bordeaux. Only red meats are still resisting. In addition to the dish, In addition to the dish, with a pairing is the preparation method, or even the cooking process. […]

How to Buy the Best Wine on a Budget | Jimmy Smith | Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube

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Hello and welcome to Drinks Tube, my name’s Jimmy Smith and i’m a wine educator. I really believe you don’t have to spend too much money on getting a great bottle of wine. So this is my beginners guide at getting that great bottle of wine on a budget and i’m going to show you […]

A Guide to Red Wine : How a Sommelier Tastes Wine

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Hello, my name is Mihaly Fabok we are here in behalf of expert teach. This is my special wine tasting cap. First, I have to see the color of the wine. I have to make sure that it has good color. And also, feel the aroma of the wine. The next step is to taste […]

Rouladen Recipe Red Wine Sauce Gravy, Beef, Bacon, Tarragon Mustard

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Pounding something, Vanessa? Yeah. We’re making beef rouladen today. Okay. And we have a wonderful piece of meat here, I’ll show you, what we use. Yeah. And we cut thin slices. In Europe, the butcher slices it really really thin. Here it’s hard to get sometimes, so I pound mine a little bit. Okay. And […]

Traveling in Tuscany: The Best Wine Tasting & Wine Tours – Wine Oh TV

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(upbeat music) – We traveled over 5,000 miles from home to take you on a trip to Tuscany. Sun kissed vineyards, cypress trees, medieval towns, just some of the intoxicating sights you’ll see in Tuscany. Where the middle ages are alive in the modern day. Situated between the cities of Sienna and Florence sit nine […]