San Francisco – Muir Woods and Wine Country Tour

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Omodos Wine Village in Cyprus

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Hey Tasters! We are in Omodos! Omodos is one of the most beautiful villages, winemaking villages, in the “Krasochoria” villages of Limassol. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Omodos is situated at an altitude of 810 meters above sea level. And it’s surrounded by very famous vine growing regions, the mountain tops of Afames and Laona, that produce […]

Zweigelt wine guide: vineyard interview with Austrian winemaker Christina Netzl

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First of all can you explain, give us the pronunciation because I’m really struggling here… Zweigelt? Zweigelt, yeah you good job It’s a very hard Austrian name. And it’s a very Austrian variety isn’t it? Because tell us about the crossing and how it came to be a grape? Yeah, so the name comes from […]

What Are The Wine Sub-Regions Of Burgundy?

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When it comes to wine regions, Burgundy is perhaps one of the trickiest terrains to track Located in the east of France, Burgundy comprises six different sub-regions spread from north to south across a hundred and fifty miles These sub regions contain an incredible total of 84 unique Appellations which all produced different styles of […]


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today we’re in the Tualatin Valley situated between Portland Oregon and the Oregon coast this region is filled with internationally renowned wines and beautiful rustic landscapes let’s go check it out of our lives and we started as all of the movie posters of movies made in Portland Oregon’s oh my gosh Free Willy this […]

Wine Tasting and Staying in a Castle. This is Pape Clement by Bernard Magrez.

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(Vocals) I could see this through I could wait another night one more night one more night I could fight it through till the darkness turns to light one more night one more night. Say it’s gonna be okay cause this winter is so long it feels like it’s haunting me. Say there’s gonna be […]

Wine Tasting: Red Wine Montaria

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Hey, cheers! Today I have a wine from Alentejo Montaria premium 2016. The grape varieties are Syrah, Trincadeira, Alicante Bouschet and Tempranillo, in Alentejo known as Aragonês. Clean and ruby color. On the nose we have red fruits, jams, clove and a little smoked notes. On the palate we have plants, figs and a short […]

Learning the Wine Language in Stellenbosch ??South Africa

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TWTV Episode 47 Red wines for white wine drinkers

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Hi Jerome from Trailblazing Wine, TWTV, offering hints and tips to help you get the most enjoyment out of your wines. Now, over the last couple of weeks I’ve been at various taste workshops for food and wine for both trade and consumer, and it does surprise me actually, the number of people when you […]

Bill & Heather Enjoy a Trip to Wine Country & Wineries

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Oh hey awesome ones I’m just leafing through this Travel Guide on wine country. We have some friends that live in wine country and they’ve invited us up tomorrow so we’re gonna do the drive and they’ve got a very special evening planned and day in wine country, so come along So we thought we’d […]