Brazilian Sparkling Wine Review (Music Video)

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WithMyWine + CakeJournal Collab ll Red Wine Brownie Sundae ll Ep 7

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Alright, welcome everybody. My name is Derek Bryant. And this is another episode of WithMyWine’s weekly roundup! so this week you might notice the setting around me is different it’s because we have a actually special episode today we are collaborating with a good friend of mine here: Sydney from Cake journal! So earlier today […]

France vs California Chardonnay? Comparing Napa vs Burgundy Wine

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Hello, bonjour! This is Julien, the French wine making guy who makes wine videos… here on YouTube. Yes, wine videos, and today is going to be a very interesting tasting for me. I’m going to be comparing with you 2 very different types of Chardonnay wines. I’m going to be opposing a French Chablis, French […]

How to Pronounce Tempranillo? Best of Spanish Wine Pronunciation

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What is up guys? I’m Julien the French way making guy who makes wine videos here on YouTube. Yes, wine videos! So welcome back to another wine video. Welcome to your wine pronunciation video. I am a French winemaker but I spent a few years working as a wine maker in Spain and my Spanish […]

2017 Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio

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Hi everyone this is Eric Hiltz from Bin 412. I’m really excited to be kicking off our first “Wine of the Month” feature, where I’m going to basically go out and try to find something that I can find widely available in Pennsylvania state stores and give you my tasting notes and a little history […]

Is Cheap Boxed Wine from Walmart Any Good? 🍷 I Am Not a Wine Expert | JEN TALKS FOREVER

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is the boxed wine at Walmart worth taking a chance on we’re gonna find out hi I’m Jen when you live on a $300 a month grocery budget you got to cut costs wherever you can and that includes booze people recently I’ve started shopping more at my Walmart Neighborhood Market and pro tip if […]

Two wines for Christmas, a red and a white

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Please note: the price was an error on the retailer’s site. Price turns out to be £22.95. Please note: the price was an error on the retailer’s site. Price turns out to be £22.95. Please note: the price was an error on the retailer’s site. Price turns out to be £22.95.

Peloponnese Wine Festival, Limassol, 2019 (2 of 2)

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Hey Tasters! This is the second part of the video from the Peloponnese wine festival. As you recall, I had so much footage I had to make two videos. Enjoy the second half. Welcome to Troupis Winery. Troupis Winery is located in Mantinea, which is in the centre of the Peloponnese. The variety that we […]

Heinrich Red Wine Review

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Art and Wine

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Hey Tasters! I’ve come across this Italian bottle of wine and I cannot get it out of my head. It is a red dry wine but it smells of roses and cherries and that eastern Mediterranean seductress the mahlab. I am obsessed, I need to know more about it. I need an expert in Italian […]