How to Use The Basic Travel Corkscrew – The California Wine Club

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Hi and welcome to Wine 101 or how to use a corkscrew series. presented by the California Wine Club. Today we’re going to be talking about the basic travel corkscrew now this is a terrific corkscrew if you’re on the go. First you just pull the bottom off and insert the bottom through the top […]

Visit Monterey Wine Country

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Monterey is still a little bit of a hidden gem but that’s changing, and changing very quickly. We were just named to Wine Enthusiast’s Top Ten Wine Destinations in the World and we’re the only location picked in California which means we beat out Napa and Sonoma and Paso Robles and Santa Barbara- the regions […]

How To Tell If Your Wine Is Corked

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– I’m Patrick Cappiello from Rebelle restaurant in New York City. Today I’m gonna teach you how to determine if a wine is corked. (upbeat music) So a corked bottle of wine is probably one of the most confusing and dangerous things for consumers. And I think often it’s confused as to what it actually […]

A Real Wine Connoisseur Tastes Shitty Wines! – Tipsy Bartender

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(club music) – Ladies and gentlemen, joining me today is a wine connoisseur. So I went out and found brands that many of you are familiar with. (man laughs) – [Woman] I’m scared. (laughs) – Real high quality stuff, grade A stuff. And so she’s going to taste it and tell me what she thinks. […]

Sweet and Spicy Libations: Wine in the Ancient Near East

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–of wine later on this evening. So I’m very pleased to introduce our speakers tonight, Andrew Koh and Joseph Green. Andrew Koh is assistant professor of classical studies at Brandeis. He received his PhD In art and archaeology of the Mediterranean world from the University of Pennsylvania in 2006, during which he was an associate […]

What does Semillon taste like?

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Hey Tasters! My friends Pavlos and Mary agree on everything except white wine. Mary will have nothing but Chardonnay. Pavlos only drinks Sauvignon Blanc. How could these two ever find middle ground? There is one possibility, Semillon. So here are my fast five facts about Semillon. What does Semillon taste like? Wine fact number one. […]

Chardonnay Wine 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

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Whats is up guys? Julien Miquel here of Social Vignerons. Welcome back to another wine video. This is episode #10 of Julien’s 3.5 Minute Wine School. Today we are going to be learning the top 5 fun, and hopefully interesting… facts you should really know about the whole famous Chardonnay white wine grape variety. I […]

Wine 101 with UW Professor Michael Wagner

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Um, so You guys can hear me OK with this microphone? So I’d like to proceed by saying I have no official credential in wine. I have no master sommelier, any of that. But I have been reading about wine for years, I’ve been traveling to many of the wine regions in the world: California […]

Sweet Bordeaux wines at the Bordeaux Wine festival 2014!

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In this burger, I worked with ground meat : wagyu beef. It’s beef in a japanese tradition. I also brought some salt, with colonata bacon. It’s italian bacon, which brings some salt. I wanted to counterbalance with Sweet Bordeaux wines the salted side. I also brought in this recipe some oyster leaves, it’s Mertensia Maritima, […]

Storing and Aging a Wine Collection (feat. Spirit World)

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When we’re talking about wine storage, there are four factors that we want to look at One is temperature, one is light, one is humidity and moisture, and one is stability. Wines that you are going to store for an extended period of time, these rules will apply. Most wines we really are going to […]