Wine & Cheese Pairings : Pairing Parmesan Cheese with Red Wines

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Hi. I’d like to talk to you about paring Parmesan and Romano cheese with wine. Now, you probably think of Parmesan and Romano cheeses as going with red wine like your Veal Parmesan with your Chianti. And, actually it can be a very good match. But, we do have to watch out. Parmesan and Romano […]

Types of White Wine : Serving White & Red Wines

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hello my name is mihaly fabok, and we are here on behalf of expert village and we are talking about white wines, how to serve and how to enjoy. the white wine should be served cold, it means the life of it fresh, the white wine should be served around 8-10 celcius degree, if tthe […]

Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana

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For centuries, humans have been using substances to alter their state of mind. From caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol to more extreme drugs. But as the most commonly used illicit drug in North America, Where does marijuana fit in and how exactly does it affect your brain? First, we need to understand how the brain functions. […]

Anti-Balding Rx Doesn’t Mix With Alcohol

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A male pattern baldness medication may have a few side effects you want to know about. I’m Erin White and this is a dailyRx Minute. The results of a recent study found that finasteride, called Propecia when used as treatment for male pattern baldness, may come with sexual side effects such as low sex drive […]

Wine Masters S1 EP5 Preview: Alsace

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I don’t think people buy our wines just because of the beautiful yellow label. I think there is something behind it. People know that. [French] I believe that Riesling is one of the greatest white wines in the world. Of course there is also Chardonnay, but personally, I’d value Riesling higher in terms of varietal […]


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if you’re from Australia, you might know a chocolate chain called Max Brenner. Max Brenner is a coffee shop – Max Brenner himself is a chocolatier they call him. When you go order a hot chocolate from Max Brenner, there’s a whole bunch of different options, and one of them is called an Italian Thick. […]

Tinting Polymer Clay With Pinata Alcohol Inks

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Hi Guys! It’s Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay Tutor and today’s Studio Tip. I’m going to show you a little bit about tinting polymer clay with Pinata Alcohol Inks. Now, recently, I got some new Pinata Color Alcohol Inks from Jacquard and I got just a small sampling of all the colors that they have. […]

Is Spanish Wine the Best in the World? | Omar Allibhoy | #WineWars

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Welcome to Drinks Tube I’m Omar Allibhoy and I’m here to tell you why Spanish wines are the best. This is wine wars! Spanish wine, it’s the killer. Spain is just full of vineyards. It has more area covered than any other country in the world, with over 3 million acres. We make some of […]

Easy to Make White Wine Sangria Cocktail Recipe

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Today I’m going to show you guys how to make one of the most amazing white wine sangrias you´re ever going to taste this recipe is easy to make it´s literally done within minutes and it has an incredible flavor now before we get started I would like to thank all of my subcribers guys […]

Taste Test Wine Prank

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– My gosh. This is about to blow everyone’s mind. (funky music) – [Voiceover] Most people think we detect flavor only on the tongue but it’s not so. To prove this, we took a white wine, poured two glasses and dyed one red. Then, did a blind taste test. – Oh, it’s a red one. […]