The Chemistry of Wine

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You know that guy in your group of friends that always brings wine to the party JUST so he can talk about it? He’s always saying things like “Ooh! There are notes of bacon! Reaaaally swish it around you’ll get those hints of cream soda. Really taste the purple.” It may sound strange, and it […]

We Tried Cheap Vs. Expensive Wines

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– For some reason I wasn’t expecting them all to be the same color, but of course they’re all similar colors. (jazz interlude) – So we know we’ve done this before, but who doesn’t love wine? – Seriously, who doesn’t? – It’s Ladylike and today we’re quizzing ourselves to find out who’s the biggest wine […]

Try Wives Redecorate Keith’s Room • TWWT

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– Hey. – Hey. – What’s up, what’s up, what’s up? ♪ Try Wives Wine Time ♪ – We’re back baby! – We’re back baby. – We are in the middle of making over Keith and Becky’s spare room. We are doing a special, ooh yes girl. I feel like that’s really the most important […]

Wine Information : Wine & Cheese Pairing

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The love affair between red wine and cheese is historic. Great selections for cheese would be a nice Tuscany, or perhaps another Bordeaux, from Saint Emilion. However, if you’d like to step out of the box a little bit, this New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc works perfectly with cheese, as does this California Chardonnay. Either way, […]

What does Semillon taste like?

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Hey Tasters! My friends Pavlos and Mary agree on everything except white wine. Mary will have nothing but Chardonnay. Pavlos only drinks Sauvignon Blanc. How could these two ever find middle ground? There is one possibility, Semillon. So here are my fast five facts about Semillon. What does Semillon taste like? Wine fact number one. […]

Chardonnay Wine 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

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Whats is up guys? Julien Miquel here of Social Vignerons. Welcome back to another wine video. This is episode #10 of Julien’s 3.5 Minute Wine School. Today we are going to be learning the top 5 fun, and hopefully interesting… facts you should really know about the whole famous Chardonnay white wine grape variety. I […]

What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Wine Every Night

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We all have that friend who is obsessed with wine — the one who can actually taste notes of blackberry and oak while we’re proud of ourselves for recognizing that it’s a cabernet. Well, it turns out your wine snob friend may be onto something. Wine has long been thought to be beneficial for our […]

Wine Types & Selection Tips : How to Store Wine

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Now we’re going to talk about how to store wine. You may be a collector in which case you might have a cellar. More likely you’re like myself and just like wine but don’t have a cellar. If you don’t have a cellar, the ways to store wine, the most important thing about wine is […]

Best Grocery Store Wines | Meme-ish | HelloGiggles

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– I can’t finish this? I know I’m at work. (liquid pouring) (short wimper) May 25th is National Wine Day, but like you needed an excuse to guzzle vino in your mouth faster than Real Housewives. (glass breaking) (screaming) In honor of the holiest of days I put together a list of the best wines […]

Wine Information : Proper Wine Storage

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When storing wines there are a couple of important points to pay attention to. First of all, with wines that happen to have a cork, you want to store those bottles horizontally so that the cork remains moist. This will keep the cork from breaking up and falling into the bottle when you go to […]