Refreshing summer drink| Buko Salad Drink| Tapioca drink recipe

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Asslam o Alikum! Welcome to my kitchen! Today we are going to make a drink from Tapioca sago If you haven’t subscribed to my channel do it now! like and share my videos Let’s start our recipes Take two tablespoons tapioca balls soak them in water for half an hour Now take a glass of […]

MYTH: You can drink water as much as you like

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Time for another fun episode of Water Mythbusters! Water may be good for you but is drinking too much still healthy? Today, I will demystify your doubts, with science! Drinking too much water can result in symptoms ranging from mild to life-threatening. Examples are Hyponatremia and Hyperhydration. In fact, anything that you consume too much […]

GEIGERRIG Hydration Pack – Give Your Dog A Drink

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Give Your Dog a Drink – Geigerrig Hydration Pack And talk a lot about the person telling about the guy who ____ hydration pack. One of the things we always mention is that you can hydrate so many different people about ___ germs. We also emphasized the fact that you can hydrate your dogs. Something […]

9 SITUATIONS, when it’s STRICTLY not advise to drink WATER for your health and wellness!

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Are there any situations when you absolutely can not drink water? Yes, and we will talk about it today! “Drink 2 liters of water per day,” we hear all the time. All experts advise doing this to maintain health. Moreover, now in advertising you can hear this as well. A rare phenomenon when a person […]

Fluoride DANGEROUS? and why are DENTISTS obsessed with it? EP 05 The Dental Drive

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“SEMA – Say it!” – Octopizzo, Maro, Bobi Wine, Knackeboul & Megaloh (prod. by Ghanaian Stallion)

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Eight-town, eight-town. Pizzo the king – Kibera Number Nane is in the building. Moto ka Uji za UG, but… hatuezi pika uji bila Maji, coz Kusota buda sija ganji so niko kwa Niko kwa hizi streets – na stay so fly inzi street Busy ka – busy bee Poverty ju dish imekosa kwa Kabati But […]

How to Brew Beer on a Bike | The BrewDog Show

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Water Purification – Why is alum added to water? | #aumsum

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Topic: Water Purification. Why is alum added to water? Because water does not like to be alone. It wants somebody’s company. No. Alum is added to purify water. Alum is aluminium sulfate. It acts as a coagulant. A coagulant attracts and binds with extremely fine and small particles to form a large particle. I won’t […]

Yif Magic水變酒 [官方HD] Water to Wine

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let’s try something usually put aside watermelon juice what other drink do you like? what other fruit juice? orange orange juice I see watch this watermelon juice and imagine the color of orange imagine it becoming orange juice just there that’s really weird your drink taste now like orange taste it god I need your […]

How to Brush Your Teeth Properly – For Kids

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