Drinking in the Military – Jocko Willink and Jody Mitic

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being around someone like you and I used to be the guy who could I don’t need to drink I’d go months and be like oh yeah I’m gonna drink like you know I love a drink and and you don’t drink and you haven’t drank since you were like in your 20s I think […]

Me and My Dying Parent (Patrice & Preston) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Have you ever caught me having sex? (laughing) – My name is Preston. – I’m Patrice. – She’s my second daughter. – This is my only dad. – Stage four lung cancer. – You don’t look sick. – I don’t feel sick. – Cheers to life. – To life. Ladies first. – Alright, let’s […]

How Did Beer Change the World?

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Hybrid cars, computers, those terrible smartphone games everyone’s hooked on: humanity has come a long way since our cave-dwelling, hunting-and-gathering, Quasimodo-looking forefathers. But why? What drove all of these fantastic exhibitions of human achievement? Well, some of the biggest accomplishments in the history of mankind came about because of beer, which is ironic since beer […]

Does Drinking Gasoline Cause You to Go Blind

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Probably not, although anecdotal evidence shows it has a strong correlation with stupidity. What it may do is cause vomiting, vertigo, confusion, drowsiness, breathing difficulties, burning in the esophagus, sore throat, weakness, and diarrhea, even when ingested in small amounts; in larger portions, it can cause loss of consciousness, internal hemorrhaging, convulsions and death (from […]

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (6/10) Movie CLIP – Root-Beer Party (2003) HD

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(maracas rattling rhythmically) (funky bass plays) June cleaver: Ward, I’m very worried about beaver.Peter brady: Mom’s favorite vase.Bobby brady: She always says, “don’t play ball in the house.”Ralph malph: Sit on it, fonzie.Fonzie: Hey!Alex p. Keaton: What about me, mallory?What about my feelings?J.J. Evans: Hey, I knew everything would be all right.Dyno-mite!( e! True hollywood […]

Alcoholism Recovery Stories Dont Drink and Drive Stay Sober

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Alcoholism recovery stories dont drink and drive stay sober hi there I’m James I’m a grateful recovering addict and alcoholic I’ve been sober for three years clean and sober and have been previously used and drank for 20 years I post a video here about addiction and recovery every Saturday as well as post resources […]

Eli Beer: The fastest ambulance? A motorcycle

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This is an ambucycle. This is the fastest way to reach any medical emergency. It has everything an ambulance has except for a bed. You see the defibrillator. You see the equipment. We all saw the tragedy that happened in Boston. When I was looking at these pictures, it brought me back many years to […]

몰도바 역사,와인,크리코바 [10분상식 세계백과]

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=English subtitles=[10 minute Common Knowledge World Encyclopedia] Hello everyone 10 minute Common Knowledge World Encyclopedia 1. Introduction The official name of the country known as “Moldova” is the Republic of Moldova. It’s located on the Northeastern side of East Romania and the capital is Chisinau. Moldova’s flag was officially chosen in 1990. Other than the […]

Episode Twenty: Coney Island Wine Bath

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Diction is done with the teeth and the tip of the tongue. Diction is done with the teeth and tip of the tongue. You like New York, you need New York, you know you need it… you need New York. [Humming] The Coney Island wine bath. A grand tradition of burlesque at the beach. The […]

Truth or Drink Engaged Couples | Solo (Marcos & Danny) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– What is your honest opinion about my family? – Oh god. (laughs) I love them. They’re a little too much. I love you guys. – Who? – Who? – Who is too much? – I love them. They’re amazing. (classical music) My name is Marcos. – My name is Danny. And we are fiances. […]