Talking About Wine in English – Learn English vocabulary for small talk

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Hi guys, Christina from Speak Better, Feel Great TV, the place to boost your English and boost your career Today I’m treating myself to a nice glass of wonderful French wine. A full-bodied, oaky Shiraz great varietal you know what I mean No? No, maybe you don’t. But that’s ok because today’s lesson is all […]

$20 Malbec Vs. $100 Malbec | Which Argentina Wine Should You Buy? | TWJ_Ep#23

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What is up guys? Julien Miquel here of Social Vignerons, back with another one video. This is episode 23 of the Tasting With Julien series. As I was working on a video project, I was given the chance to taste a range of different Malbecs from Argentina. famous Malbec red wines from Argentina from 20 […]

Sweet Bordeaux wines at the Bordeaux Wine festival 2014!

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In this burger, I worked with ground meat : wagyu beef. It’s beef in a japanese tradition. I also brought some salt, with colonata bacon. It’s italian bacon, which brings some salt. I wanted to counterbalance with Sweet Bordeaux wines the salted side. I also brought in this recipe some oyster leaves, it’s Mertensia Maritima, […]

Mathieu Lapierre – Le vin “nature”/”Natural” Wine

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The definition is very complicated because everybody has his own way of looking at things. I see it more as a goal. The word “natural” doesn’t define well the work we are trying to do. “Live wine”, non-interventionist wine … It’s been many terms. It’s a term that appeared at a time when here, in […]

Tunisia Wine & Travel Documentary: Around the World in 80 Harvests

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I want to see the Berber, I want to see the Berber puppet. So this, here. It’s a Berber marionette. Wow. And this Berber is a shepherd? No problem. Sorry! No, no problem. It wasn’t me. I’m Amanda Barnes, and I’m a wine writer on a mission… I’m travelling to 80 different wine regions around […]

The Wine Magician

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Nous sommes dans la vallée de la Loire, celle des châteaux de la Renaissance. J’ai entendu dire qu’ici, un crew de viticulteurs ésotériques suivait des rythmes cosmiques et utilisait des potions druidiques chelou pour faire du pinard. On a roulé pendant 3 heures, depuis Paris pour atteindre le village de Savennières et rencontrer le Magicien […]

The Aromatic Science of Food and Wine: Francois Chartier at TEDxUdeM

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Translator: Sue Kronenfeld Reviewer: Denise RQ I brought dessert, but I’m going to keep it for myself, right there. Let’s get started; I’ll show you my rule of molecular harmony in wine-serving so that everyone understands what is eaten in winter. It’s a rule of the aromatic sciences of food and wine which I “gave […]

How Wine is Made in a Top Bordeaux Estate?

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What is up everyone! Bonjour. I’m Julien Miquel. W e’re at the end of September, and it’s a big day of harvest. So I’m going to show you, how wine is made at a state-of-the-art wine estate of Bordeaux. Château Pedesclaux is a 5th growth of Pauillac, which means that back in 1855 under Napoléon, […]