Wine & Cheese Pairings : Pairing Parmesan Cheese with Red Wines

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Hi. I’d like to talk to you about paring Parmesan and Romano cheese with wine. Now, you probably think of Parmesan and Romano cheeses as going with red wine like your Veal Parmesan with your Chianti. And, actually it can be a very good match. But, we do have to watch out. Parmesan and Romano […]

Iraqi village in Al Diwaniyah bans tobacco, political groups and soft drinks

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Street noise Assalam Aleykum – Hello In the past, we were suffered from smoking We don’t smoke no more. There are a few of us here who still smokes tobacco. We spoke with them gently and they decided to give it up. No one carries this habit here. The issue has now been resolved Now, […]

How to Overcome Obesity in 12 Weeks : Overcoming Obesity: Avoid Carbonated Drinks

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Hi, I’m Angela Martindale and today we are talking to you about how to get out of obesity in twelve weeks. Hydration is important. And water is your best source. Water is the most natural way to hydrate your body. And yes sometimes we do need electrolytes. And there are brands out there with no […]

Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – The Murder Of An Alcoholic – Ep 542 – 17th July, 2017

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Sister, I can’t sleep. When will mom return? Sahil, mom will return soon. You just go to bed. Greetings. Welcome to ‘Crime Patrol Dial 101.’ Women in our society are looked down since a long time and few people have this distorted mind-set that women can never be treated equal to men. Today’s episode raises […]

Wine & Cheese Pairings : Pairing Blue Cheese with Red Wines

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Hi, I’d like to talk to you a bit about pairing blue cheese and red wine. Now, this is a unique combination and you have to be a little bit careful. It’s like a wrestling match, it could go bad or it could go very, very well. Here’s what’s going on. Blue cheese has a […]

Types of White Wines : Riesling White Wines

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I’m going to tell you a little about Riesling. Now before you stop and say, “I don’t like Riesling because it’s always sweet,” you have to listen to me. Riesling is one of the world’s most noble, white wine grapes. As a matter of fact, most experts say that Riesling is the best white wine […]

Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Sweetness in Food Rule

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Hi. I’m teaching you the real rules of food and wine pairing. Real rule number two is very important and it’s about sweetness, and here it is. Sweetness in food makes sweetness in wine go away. Sweet food will make wine tasteless sweet. In other words, more acidic and a little bit flatter. Now if […]

Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Red Wine with Meat

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Let’s talk about the wine pairing rule, that I’m sure you’ve heard, which is red wine with meat. It’s a really good rule, I’ve got to tell you. There’s a reason that red wine with meat is repeated all the time. The reason is, that it works. Here’s why it works. Red meat, red meat […]

Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Red Wines & Spicy Food

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Let’s talk about pairing wine with spicy food, specifically red wines. If we’re going to pair red wine with spicy food, you’re probably talking about a nice, rich dish made with pork or maybe with beef. Maybe a blackened beef tenderloin, or maybe a chicken molet or a cumin crusted pork roast, or maybe a […]

Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Wine & Milk Chocolate

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Let’s talk about wine pairing and milk chocolate. Milk chocolate is delicious. It’s very light, sometimes very rich, it will melt in your mouth and it’s usually very very sweet. All of those things can be a little bit of a tough match for wine. So milk chocolate has some very very strict rules when […]

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