How-To Make Kombucha

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and it kind of looks and feels a bit strange and slimy and stuff doesn’t look super appealing no actually it might like it because you might have some nice and bacterias on your on your fingers that like something nice to be with yeah I think it likes to be touched hi my name […]

Your Sommeliers Favorite Sommelier: Chef’s Night Out with Raj Parr

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did you need help Jose hey sure we can have him on we’d love to help let’s do it put down the bottle is help does the glass might tumble over the wind oh yeah rumba all right hey come here Rashaad para Weinberg Tamina group and partner sandy wines and doing the Lakota in […]

Asian flush, explained

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For most people, when they drink alcohol, it can make them feel more confident and comfortable. But for me, drinking makes me feel less confident and UNcomfortable. That’s because, thanks to my DNA, alcohol makes my skin turn red. It’s called Asian flush, and it affects about 36% percent of Northeast Asians, with higher rates […]

Underground LSD Palace

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HAMILTON MORRIS: Dearest Krystle, I cannot express the excitement within me when I think that shortly we will meet face to face. Over the years, I’ve read your books and watched your videos, perused court documents, police records, and affidavits, yet I still feel confused about what happened between you, Todd, and the LSD laboratory […]

Colorado Ganja Tour: BONG APPÉTIT

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I like to control what I’m putting into the plants. Making sure that they get loved, that they get music, that they get petted, and hugged and caressed. And I find that it really does help. What kind of music did this guy hear? A lot of dubstep. They like dubstep. Oh, I wouldn’t have […]

MUNCHIES Chef’s Night Out: El Comidista

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Oh, well, I was in Burkina Faso too, I don’t know if I’ve told you.>>And there he ate maggots, as Jon Sistiaga would do.>>They were disgusting, black and dry, and they tasted like…>>Like earth.>>Like sawdust.>>It was like eating handfuls of earth.>>I’m always living on the edge.>>That’s why we like you.>>Sure. I’m Mikel Lopez Iturriaga, author […]

Ice Wine Makes the Best Breakfast: Al-Kee-Hol

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As luscious and as beautiful as ice wine is, it really is a real hassle to harvest. The first thing is to just plain getting the right harvest, you know, unless the clouds move away and allow the heat from the day to evaporate, it’s not going to get cold. So you’re really are sitting […]

The Grand Bazaar: Munchies Guide To Tehran (Part 1/3)

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[Music] [Music] hi I’m Jelena I’m in Tehran and this is the munchies guide to Tehran we’ll take you to Tehran’s main bazaar where we’ll taste the famous hygiene this is the best part it’s the crispy rice and I’m really excited to be digging into this right now to the traditional tea houses when […]

The Future of Farming

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Over the next two decades, a technological wave will revolutionize the efficiency of farms all over the world. It can’t come soon enough. By the year 2050 the human population will be nearly 10 billion—which means we’ll need to have doubled the amount of food we now produce. This is an examination of the agricultural […]

Caribbean Flavors From the Denver Highlands: BONG APPÉTIT with Simply Pure

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so is this a quarter of a joint half a joint this is no joint is a puff this I get what is it to either a whole joint or no joint Oh what kind of measurement that is [Music] Denver is not the first place I think of when it comes to Caribbean food […]