Mumbai Weekend Getaway 🍷 Wine Tasting @YORK Nashik Winery

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So we’re on our way to Nashik had a great lunch at this place called Shawaya Dhaba we had some chicken and amazing desserts one was a kheer and one was a sitaphal cream and we’re here, we’re on our way to Nashik to celebrate… Tinaz’s birthday! Happy Birthday Teenzy! … and that’s Basel …from […]

Cairns, the Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

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Cairns is touted as the “gateway to the Great Barrier Reef” and other destinations such as Kuranda and the Daintree rainforest in Far North Queensland, Australia, although the city itself has little to offer to travelers besides tour agencies, a handful of restaurants, cafes, and backpacker bars, and a long walk along the espalade looking […]

Disney California Adventure Food & Beverage Options at Pixar Pier #PixarPier

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Hi Trekaroo families. It’s Katie Bodell, blog editor here, and I am with Chef Jeremiah and I would love for you to tell our families what kind of food we have at Pixar Pier. CHEF: I would love to. Well, welcome. Over here we have a number of offerings from our adorable snowman frosted treats. […]

Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

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[acoustic guitar music] – Yadkin Valley is sort of the epicenter of the vinifera, which is European grapes and wine making in North Carolina. – The industry is flourishing, Wilkes County’s embracing it and think we’re just beginning to peel back the onion as to the potential for Wilkes County and the wine industry. – […]

La Rioja Wine Country, Spain

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La Rioja is an autonomous community and a province in Spain, located in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. Its capital is Logroño. The region is well known for its wines under the brand Origen Calificada Rioja. The history of Rioja wine reflects a long and varied winemaking tradition in the Spanish region of La […]

Paso Robles, California (full episode) – “V is for Vino” wine show

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I’m here at Hearst Castle in San Luis Obispo County Hearst Castle was made for newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. Have you seen Citizen Kane? This was the inspiration. Over 80,000 square feet 90 bedrooms 90 bathrooms did I mention 100 foot Neptune pool? Pretty amazing.But if you drive 40 miles inland from here you’re […]

Common Portuguese Phrases : Portuguese Food & Beverage Phrases

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TANIA DA FONSECA: Hi, my name is Tania. And on behalf of Expert Village, today we’re going to learn common Portuguese phrases. Now we are going to learn Portuguese words for food and beverages. Water. Agua. Agua. Appetizer. Aperitivo. Aperitivo. Bread. Pao. Pao. Meat. Carne. Carne. Eggs. Ovos. Ovos. Soup. Sopa. Sopa. Seafood. Marisco. Marisco. […]

Love for Wine and Beer | Argentina Discoveries | World Nomad

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Why Port Wine Is Made By Stomping Grapes | Regional Eats

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Claudia Romeo: Hello from the Douro Valley in Portugal, where we’re going to find out how port wine is made. Today we’re going to visit Taylor’s, which is one of the top wine houses here in Portugal producing port wine. Port is a very special wine, not only because, unlike other wines, it’s very sweet, […]

Femi & Joey: A Wine Story

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This is Femi. He’s a sommelier. This is Joey. He’s a grape farmer. They come from very different places, but they both really love wine. So we sent them on a trip to the vineyards in the mountains of Virginia, to see if two strangers could bond over something they love. So did it work? […]