10 Famous Actors Who Used Real DRUGS And ALCOHOL In Movies

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Sometimes drugs and alcohol are referred to as “social lubricant”. Meaning that in an awkward situation,it can give us the boost we need to get through it. In the face of something scary, a little liquid courage can make all the difference. Whatever you want to call it, everyone needs a vice. Nobody puts themselves […]

10 Pepsi Drinks That Embarrassed The Company

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Throughout its many years of existence, Pepsi has released dozens of different variants of its classic drinks, including many limited edition flavors and international products. With such a large amount of options, there’s bound to be some drinks that weren’t well received with the public. Here are the Top 10 Pepsi drinks that embarrassed the […]

Best Tuner Cars Under 10k | The Bestest | Donut Media

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– [Narrator] Whether you need to carve some canyons, hit up a track day, learn to drift, or just have fun on a daily basis, you’re gonna need to pick a weapon of choice. This week I’m covering the best project cars you can buy, maintain, and customize for under $10,000. With 10k in the […]

7 MYTHS You Still Believe About ALCOHOL!

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– Hey, there’s somethin’ I’ve been meanin’ to say to you for years. Love you. (hiccups) So whether you agree with it or not, alcohol is a big part of our society. Many of us enjoy it responsibly, and others not so much. Woo! Keg stand! Weekend warriors, I’m lookin’ at you, but with it’s […]

10 Pepsi Drinks America WON’T BELIEVE EXIST!!!

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Pepsi has existed for over 100 years and have released tons of different products since then. Pepsi is available in over 200 countries, with a lot of them having products that are unique to them. Because there are so many different products all around the world, there’s bound to be some interesting Pepsi drinks you […]

Top 10 animals drinking alcohol part 2 (drunk animals drinking beer/ animals getting drunk))

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Hey guys and welcome to listed in today video I will be looking at the top 10 animals drinking alcohol part 2 from horses, goats ferrets and racoon all captured drinking a nice pint And just for fun comment below if you have ever gave alcohol to an animal if you like this video then […]

The History of Alcohol

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Alcohol. We began drinking it long before we even knew how to write. It’s one of the most universally available, widely used — and commonly abused — chemical substances in human history. This is the 9,000 year history of alcohol. We’ve been using basic chemistry to make the stuff for thousands of years, but our […]

Top 10 Weirdest Japanese Snacks and Drinks — TopTenzNet

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Top 10 Weirdest Japanese Snacks and Drinks 10. Candy Squid When you are living on an island, it’s natural that most of your daily diet will come from the sea, and the Japanese have proven over the years that if it swims, they will eat it without exception. This is the nation that willingly eats […]

10 Disney World Food Facts Disney Will NEVER TELL YOU (Part 2)

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we’re going to Disney World with numerous parks and hundreds of attractions there is plenty to satisfy both children and adults at the happiest place on earth and scrumptious food is one of the charms of Disney World so let’s continue our list of Disney World food facts Disney will never tell you part two […]

Star Wars: Top 10 – Alcoholic Beverages

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Sometimes, especially in a galaxy far, far away, you’ve just got to loosen up. And what better way to do so… …than drinking yourself into oblivion! I’m noel from TheCancrizans, and here are the top 10 alcoholic beverages in Star Wars. Number 10. Muon Gold (Legends) Known to degrade the neural pathways of its users’ […]

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