This Is The First Sake Brewery In Brooklyn, New York

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IRISH FOOD & BEER – Eric Meal Time #185

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A PAGE OF PUNK and Whisky & Red Wine Pocky! 大人の琥珀 と 女神のルビー ポッキー 。

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Hello and welcome to another Punky Pocky Party. Today, we’re gonna review A Page Of Punk, Adult Amber Pocky and Goddess Ruby Pocky. Enjoy the show! OK let’s start by looking at the Pocky! So, as you can see they both come in very very nice packaging These are kind of tube shapes similar to […]

“Basil seed drink” – Assist valeur Co., Ltd.

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This is a basil seed drink importing from Thailand. We recommend these four products. It is a popular product in Thailand. But those products contained synthetic coloring agent and preservative. So, over around 2 years, we created original recipes for Japanese. So only our product removes a preservative and the synthetic coloring agent. The product […]

Cherry Blossom Wine – SAKURA (桜のワイン)

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Guys! Today we are going to drink some Sakura Wine. And as mentioned Sakura is the Cherry Blossom. And it is in season right now. Between end of March – Beginning of April. People are going Hanami, which is Sakura Blossom viewing. So they basically have picnics underneath the cherry blossom trees, looking up and […]

Japanese Wine – Koshu Grape

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Welcome to Underneath The Bottle I am Michael, and today we are going to talk about grapes. “What kind of grapes?” You are asking? We are going to talk about Koshu! Koshu is this grape from Japan. It is a Vitis Vinifera. “What is that?” You may ask. That is a grape that comes from […]

How to Drink and Eat Like a Japanese Salaryman

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[Piano music] [Type writer] [Piano music] [sigh] [briefcase slams on table] -Oh my god. -What a terrible day at work today! -You had a rough day you should have heard my day. -Oh, what happened? -Listen, my boss was like getting me food. Get me food. Get me food. I’m like you already have food […]

TOP 5 Cheap Tokyo Izakaya Restaurants | All you can Eat & Drink Options

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Sapporo Beer & Lamb BBQ “Jingisukan” | Japan food vlog (Hokkaido)

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Please wait just a moment. Would you like non-smoking or smoking? Non-smoking, please. kin en (禁煙 / きんえん)- non-smoking kitsu en (喫煙 / きつえん)- smoking Although, it’s pretty much all 煙 (en – smoke) lol Showing a reserved party of two to their table. Viewers of my main channel 🙂 Is it good? Yes, it’s […]

This is the BEST way to see Japan: The Nakasendo Way | LOCALS. | Travel + Leisure

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Japan is not big country but we have many things mountains forests waterfalls many foreigners didn’t expect Japan is so mountainous but actually 80% of Japan is mountain Mountains are very special for us nakasendo literally means central mountain road nakasendo way is a old highway that links Kyoto and the Tokyo walking turn at […]

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