How to Force Carbonate your Homebrew Beer! Cut off 2 weeks!

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Force carbonating your kegs allows you to enjoy your beer much faster than natural carbonation with priming sugar cutting, as much as two weeks off of your brewing schedule. There are a handful of methods for forced carbonation out there. Here are two of the most popular. With either method you need to start with […]

Photographing Beer on a White Background | PRO EDU Free Tutorial

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(rock music) – Alright, so personally I’m very happy with this first shot, that first beer was very challenging. The glass shape itself caused a lot of problems even for a seasoned photographer. I hope you found a lot of good lessons in there. We had to really accommodate for the shape. There were curves […]

How to Make the Smurf in the Skyy Drink (using Skyy Vodka)

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Today we’re going to show you how to make a original drink, this one’s called the Smurf in the Skyy. We’re going to start by putting about two scoops of ice into our blender here and to that we’re going to add about half an ounce of obviously Skyy vodka. We’ll do a full […]

Introduction to Beer Photography & Retouching Tutorial | PRO EDU

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(amazing beer music) – Welcome to the beer tutorial. We’ve been planning a beverage tutorial for a very, very long time, and looking at the curriculum from multiple different perspectives. And in doing so, we realized, beer has to be its own category. There is just so much to learn when it comes to photographing […]

Angry Birds – Drink Water Birds All Levels 1-20 Puzzle Gameplay 2015

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Welcome To Angry Birds Drink Water 2 And Here’s Hal Hal! Get Back To The Glass Well Done! Excuse Me Head To The Water Dang! Head To The Left Aw, Come On Try Jump And Bounce Onto The Water Hooray!! Nice Bounce Launching Blue Bird Ouch! Not Enough Bumps. Try Double Launching Ugh! Let’s Try […]

The Benefits of Drinking Water Immediately After Waking Up | Natural Treatment & Home Remedies

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channel natural treatment and home remedies presents video on the benefits of drinking water immediately after waking up drinking water after waking up is a good habit some diseases that can be treated with water are meningitis headache odd rightis fast heart rate diarrhea vomiting kidney issues asthma epilepsy diabetes obesity etc this therapy will […]

Wegmans Red Wine Sauce

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One of my secrets is to always have some, sort of, prepared items; whether it’s in the refrigerator or in the freezer. And I’m gonna make a red wine sauce today. It’s something I always have on hand; super, super versatile, freezes well; and if you’ve got around even– sometimes I’ll freeze it in ice […]


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– It’s cold. I better climb inside this whale carcass. – SHUT UP! – Ugh, hold on. I got to drain my five-dollar footlong. That means I got to take a tinkle. – Yeah, I know. Hey, why the hell are you going so far? – I can’t go if somebody can see me going. […]

How to make a Strong(er) Ginger Beer (7 – 8%)

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we’re going to make another strong ginger beer this time much more gingery than the last one I made a video of a lot more root ginger in this recipe I’ve got one kilo of pale malt extract a good two handfuls of root ginger and I’m also including some honey here about 410g just […]

How To Clean A Red Wine Stains

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How to remove red wine from clothes. Hello and welcome to Videojug. Binap, who has worked as a lady’s maid for many years, is going to show us how to remove a red wine stain from a white cotton shirt. The same process can be used for cotton mix or polyester garments. The best way […]