Bizarre Beer Taste Test

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– Why would you do this to us? – Why? The Belching Beaver Brewery’s Peanut Butter flavored Milk Stout. – Cause it’s all about the beaver. – Peanut Butter, that should be interesting. – Wow, really? – Molt, oats, lactose, hops, yeast, and natural flavors. – It kind of smells like a Reese’s Pieces. – […]

Suntory Time! – Lost in Translation (1/10) Movie CLIP (2003) HD

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Suntory whiskey. [ Continues In Japanese ] Casablanca. Bogie.[ Continues In Japanese ] Suntory time.Um, he want you to turn, look in camera. Okay? That’s all he said? Yes. Turn to camera. All right, does he want me to– to… turn from the right, or… turn from the left? Passionate. Camera. Passion. Right side, and, […]

How Does Smoking Affect Your Face?

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– Nowadays, I smoke about a pack a month. – I smoke two packs a day. – If I’m working both jobs in the same day, then it can be like three or four. If I’m drinking, then like five or six. – Been smoking since I was probably fifteen? – I started smoking because […]

Why Every Year Feels Shorter Than the Last

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If you’re thinking about time while you’re in the movie or at a party, it’s because maybe you’re bored. You’re pulled out of the experience. Right. And you’re checking your watch. That’s why it’s a thing you’re not supposed to do is check your watch during the middle of a conversation. So I’ve gotten reader […]

Workplace Safety & Security (Food & Beverage DVD) Educational Institute

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Closely related to back injuries are strains and sprains, injuries to the muscles tendons or nerves used in your work. Take a minute before your shift to do some simple light stretching exercises, this will help loosen joints and muscles and help you relax while on the job. Many strains and sprains are the result […]

Best of the Best Wine Bar and Tasting room. Brix27

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We all know what a good time looks like but what is it made of we can think of a few things In this case, it’s handcrafted food to gather around never change in variety of wine and a Friday night Do yourself a favor? Experience the good in a good time Text “Brix27” to […]