Valle de Guadalupe: Mexico’s Wine Country

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What’s up everybody? I’m Alex I’m Marko And we’re the Vagabrothers. This week we are wine-tasting in the Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico. [Intro sounds] The Valle de Guadalupe is one of the best open secrets in Mexico. Just two hours south of the US/Mexican border, “The Valle” makes the best wine in Mexico […]

#myNCstory ~ Niagara College Teaching Winery: Icewine Harvest

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(upbeat music) -It’s a perfect day for the ice wine harvest. – So it has to be picked, the legal limit is minus eight so it has to be that or colder. So if it’s minus ten at two in the morning, that’s when you pick. If it’s minus ten at seven in the morning, […]

30-Year-Old Soda Taste Test

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– Um– – Mm– – Boy. – It’s got some bite to it, y’all!( music playing )Studies show that if you’re from the midwestern part of United States, you call it “pop.” if from the South, you call it all “Coke,” and if you’re from everywhere else, you call it “soda.” Whatever you call it, […]

$20 Churros & $2 Wine | Basic to Bougie Season 3 | MTV

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– Welcome to LA. (upbeat music) – Churros and wine. – [Voiceover] Hallelujah – What you got on my 40, homie?! – Park the car! – Park the car outside, ’cause this is is a Los Angeles edition of Basic to Bougie. We out here homie. – Whoa! Whoa! – Sup dog, welcome to LA. […]

trying Belle Delphine’s bathwater

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Yeah, as you can see, it’s quite musky, it’s quite cloudy. If I drink the bathwater… I’m going to game end, this will be my last video. (Lesbian blond man dying circa 1856) 🅱elle Delphine. Now at this point, most people on the planet know who Belle Delphine is. And every 14-year-old wants to try […]


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hey guys it’s Nellie Verdera I wanted to test the pH of these drinks here that you see this is can Kangen Water 9.5 , this is Aquafina this is tap water straight from the faucet .This is a sports drink Gatorade and this we have here is sprite and as you can see here […]

RHONY: I Need to Start Drinking Alcohol (Season 8, Episode 20) | Bravo

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oh, my gosh; you look like you’re dead. Don’t be hard on yourself like this. This is not your doing. – Can I–I’m gonna say something. – Men are–I’ve never been the person who said that. Men are f—ing animals. – But I want to tell you something. I just got a phone call from […]

Horrifying – Soft Drinks Processing at Dinh Nguyen Production Facility 26Apr.2016 ll VTV24

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(SAY ‘NO’ TO DIRTY FOOD) All the soft drinks, i just sell to no one but students. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here and with you to find out more about ‘colored’ soft drink stories. The reason why we name them ‘colored’ is that there’s not any natural ingredients as we usually think. Some people might […]


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what’s up guys welcome to the vlog welcome back to my channel today I have some water filters that you can pour water it like this that’ll filter your water super clean and fresh to give you the best tasting water there is but today we’re gonna be using all of these sodas and trying […]

The World of Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Analysis

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The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion served as a final hurrah and goodbye to CD Projekt Red’s work on Geralt’s journey. But while one may have assumed that this sendoff would be a call back to the familiar, perhaps a murky and bleak journey through a land reminiscent of Velen or Flotsam, this story […]