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– What’s up guys, it’s Collins Key and for today’s video, I am going to be completely destroying my taste buds. And to do this, I need a friend to join me so everyone please welcome Brent Rivera What’s up everyone I hope you guys are having an amazing day today! Thank you so much […]

Lux – No Wine

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I don’t want more nights She said no wine Why u so kind(? This is my life Ya no tengo na Solo quiero saber Lo que hiciste ayer No quiero volver No voy a volver I’m not a boy crying This is my life dying This is my life No more pain in my chest […]

Orvieto, Italy: Family-Run Winery

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Before moving on to our next hill town, we’re stopping by the Tenuta Le Vellete vineyard to sample the most famous product of the region, the Orvieto Classico wine. The Bottai family is happy to show thirsty and prospective customers around their estate. Corrado: So this is our farm, that belongs to our family since […]


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today we’re in the Tualatin Valley situated between Portland Oregon and the Oregon coast this region is filled with internationally renowned wines and beautiful rustic landscapes let’s go check it out of our lives and we started as all of the movie posters of movies made in Portland Oregon’s oh my gosh Free Willy this […]

How to Cook Red Wine Beef Stew

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I’m Vanjo Merano from let’s cook beef stew. I have prepared a special beef stew dish for today. I call this red wine beef stew here are the ingredients for our recipe this cut is called beef chuck red wine bacon, chopped pearl onion, small type of onion carrot, sliced thyme onion, chopped garlic […]

[REAL GOT7 Season 4] EP07. Drink, Play, Talk

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Let’s be honest, Real GOT7 [A sudden Bottle Flip game] [Mark dreams of leaving work on time] [An easy success] The person who drops it off the table should stay here forever. [Get through the mass and leave work] [A tense atmosphere by BamBam’s success] [So close] Almost. [As expected, he failed] Bye bye, you […]

People Drink Beer From “The Beer Belly”

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– What if I told you that there was a flask you can put on your belly. You heard me. Apparently there’s a product called The Beer Belly and we’re gonna go around the office to try it out. Let’s go. – [Host] Hey Garrett, – Oh, hey Kevin. – [Kevin] Do you want to […]

Picture This – One Drink

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Truth or Drink: Best of Madison | Truth or Drink | Cut

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No Nope This is one of my best friends My brother And I’m Madison’s dad. My name is Madison Hey Everybody I’m Madison and I’m here Rock Paper Scissors Who is the better looking sibling?


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What’s up everybody, Rob here. You’re watching man VS. Whatever? Man VS The- The Fryer? Man VS The Unknown is more like it, because we are dipping into some uncharted territory here. If you were around a couple weeks ago, You saw that we did deep-fried water. It was a goddamn miracle, and it happened […]