Ancient Chinese Beer recipe

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hello everybody today we will prepare a very spectacular rice beer following an ancient recipe directly from China so let’s see the ingredients and how we can make it we will use one kilogram of rice malt one kilogram of white rice six gram of dry ALE yeast eight gram of the hop (the fuggle […]

Sour Toe Cocktail of Dawson City – Are you Brave Enough to Drink the Dead Toe?

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So we’re here at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City And we are about to do a shot with an old toe in it. Yes, you heard me correctly, there is somebody’s toe that has been pickled and petrified, it’s black with frost bite, And we put it in a shot of Vodka and drink […]

Sesame Street: Eat Me, Drink Me

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ABBY CADABBY: It’s just the right size for that small door. It works! Oh, I’m too big. If I had my magic wand, I could poof my way to the other side of that door. But without magic– there. Whoa! Now, I know that bottle wasn’t there before. I wonder what this says. BOTTLE: (MUFFLED) […]

Extreme Animal Milks You Probably Don’t Want To Drink

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If you’ve had a cup of coffee with cream lately, or maybe cereal with milk, you’ve come to the right place. Because, while you may not have thought of it then, milk is weird. Well, the liquid itself isn’t that weird. It’s super useful. But the way that we use it? That’s weird. I mean, […]

The Real Benefits of Drinking Blood

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Blood is the essence of life. It brings rich nutrients and oxygen to the many organs and muscles upon which we rely. Without it, we could not live. There are people who see the potential for blood to enhance and restore our health. Not just any blood, though – they seek human blood. You may […]

Introducing glitter beer, canned by Oregon’s Sasquatch Brewing

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So the glitter is dissolvable, edible glitter that we dosed the beer with. It’s shimmery, kind of dusty glitter. It’s the same stuff that they use at bakeries or in pharmaceutical products. Beer’s fun, glitter’s fun, why not? First and foremost this beer is really tasty super tropical, juicy stone fruit we use southern hemisphere […]

🍺 Easy Beginner 🎨 Acrylic Painting 💜 BEER Bar ART 🖍

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Hi, I’m Cinnamon Cooney, your Art Sherpa, and today I’m going to show you how to paint this frothy amazing beer stein. I really love to show new painters how to paint, and even if you think you’ve no art talent in you at all, I’m gonna help you discover your inner Picasso. So get […]

Me & My Crush Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Between the two of us, who’s more attractive? – Oh, definitely you. – Oh, I’m glad you said that. – Yeah (laughs). – I would have said that too (laughs). (upbeat classical music) – I’m TJ. – I’m Jasmine. – I’m Sepra. – My name is Riley. – And we’re here playing Truth or […]

Your Brain On Adderall – The Study Drug

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Sel Ghebrehiwot: Adderall is the brand name for a mixture of amphetamine salts that was developed for treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, a.k.a. ADHD. Since 2007, prescriptions have doubled in the U.S, and even those who don’t have a prescription are using. An estimated 30% of university students used Adderall at some poinas a study enhancer. […]

The Big Drop Brewing Story – Non Alcoholic & Gluten Free Beer

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welcome friends welcome back we are not in the kitchen today we are in the Distillery District in Toronto and we are talking about non-alcoholic beer non-alcoholic beer so this is big drop brewing please tell me a little bit more about it okay big drop brewing is the company I started in November 2016 […]