The Muslim Drink

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There’s a drug so popular that you can find it anywhere on Earth. It doesn’t matter your religion, your ethnicity, your class, your gender, you’ll find users. And yet, despite how popular it is, no countries have banned it. Despite how many users it has, there are very few rehab centres. We’ve been using this […]

Milk in Movies: Why Do Characters Drink It?

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What a character chooses to drink says a lot about them. – A martini, shaken, not stirred. If they get a shot of whiskey, they’re cool. If they order a fine chardonnay, they’re probably trying to go for class. But there’s one drink used in cinema that requires a bit of explanation. – I see […]


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We want all the carbonation!!! *Gags* *Spits* *Coughs* Listen to that fizz! 😀 *opens bottle* OOOOOHHH *Dope intro music* Ayo What’s G-G-G-Good? AYOO What’s good, It’s ya boi Wolfie Today I’m gonna be making the world’s Most Fizzy, World’s most carbonated drink So before I even begin, I want you guys to go down and […]

Zombie | How to Drink

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– This is How to Drink, the show about making cocktails and how to drink them. I’m Greg and I have never been a professional bartender. I’ve never even had a job in a bar. I don’t worry too much about precision and technique because at the end of the day, if the drink you […]

How to Get Red Wine Stains Out of Carpet | BISSELL

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Hi. My name is Mike Foote. I’m a chemist here at BISSELL and today we’re going to provide some tips and tricks for you to take care of red wine stains in your carpet. We’re going to simulate that with potassium permanganate. It reacts exactly like wine does in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and […]

Luke Combs Plays ‘Beer Or Song Title Or Both?’ | Billboard

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– Hey this is Luke Combs, and I’m going to play a little game called is it a beer, or is it a song, or both, and if I get it wrong, I got some beer here, I’m gonna chug it. So, everything louder than everything else. This is risky, this isn’t even 50/50 chance […]

Spectrophotometry and Beer’s Law

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It’s Professor Dave, let’s talk spectrophotometry. As we have learned in a previous tutorial, kinetics is the study of reaction rates. Sometimes we will want to know how quickly or slowly a chemical reaction will happen. Therefore, any kinetic study will require monitoring the concentrations of a particular reactant or product over time, to see […]

Irish People Taste Test German Beers

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I was all for German beers until I got dressed like they let me now. I resent the Germans It looks like wee wee. Hey smells, okay smells like beer Yeah, that just tastes like you know [when] you can or it’s a pretty standard beer like not bad beer That’s that’s not bad glass […]

Dom Chambers Chugs A Beer With Intoxicating Magic! – America’s Got Talent 2019

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I’m Dom I’m 26 and I am a magician. When I was six years old my granddad wanted to find a way to relate to his grandkids something to bond with us and magic was what he chose and that’s where my obsession with magic began I loved it and decided I’m going to be […]

Cozy drinks to warm you up ☕

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tis this season for warm specialty fall beverages and today we’re gonna be making five of them it’s like being hugged from the inside the beautiful thing with making these drinks yourself at home is that you know exactly what goes in it so you can control the level of sweetness and make it a […]