How to Bottle Beer

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Hi I’m Tricia an organic gardener. I grow organically. For a healthy and safe food supply, for a clean and sustainable environment, for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Welcome to home beer brewing part 2 it’s time to do the racking, that’s when you take the beer from the primary fermenter into the secondary fermenter. […]

Beer in Bratislava | Experience Bratislava with Barbora

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Hello everybody! Today we are about to try liquid gold – the best beer pubs in Bratislava with local specialty beers. First on our beer list is Monastery Brewery on SNP Square. Bratislava has icons that every visitor should see and brewery Flagship is one of them. The restaurant is one of the largest in […]

TRUTH About LYRICA (Pregabalin)

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well I’m sure you are familiar or at least heard lyrica the name of it before I will play one of those commercials before fibromyalgia I was active I kept on top of things I was energetic then the chronic widespread pain drained my energy my doctor and I agreed moving more helps ease fibromyalgia […]

Cheers – Friends. Reunion. Goa | Web Series | Episode 1- Beer Ki Kasam | Cheers!

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You three… talk one by one! Tantrik… Shut up! Prerna… Shut up please, will you? Put it on speaker Yeah wait… Just a second! Hey… You guys are on speaker now! Hello… Dada… How are you? I’m fine Prerna… Jigyasu has started dressing up in formals… It seems little weird, but… very nice! Tantrik here […]

How to cook Beer Can Chicken with a Weber Gourmet Poultry Roaster

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Richard, what are we doing now? We’re going to do beer can chicken. That’s one of my favourites. Beer can chicken with roasted veg, perfect Sunday or any time of the week. And with the new. The Weber Gourmet System Poultry Roaster, little bit bigger than the other ones, gives you more space vegetables and […]

How Palestinians celebrate Oktoberfest | Palestinian beer, music & dancing | Oktoberfest Taybeh

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The Palestinian Oktoberfest kicks off. With a procession of scouts… …and Orthodox priests. Revellers from around the world have come to the Christian village of Taybeh in the West Bank. The hosts are the Khoury family, founders of the Taybeh Brewery, the oldest in the Middle East. At their Oktoberfest, they serve ten varieties of […]

Trying PLAGUE WATER! (Traditional British Drinks😅🤮)

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Hi! Hi, Ollie. I’m Josh. …What?! Threw me off. I thought you were gonna go “Hi, I’m Josh.” Everyone knows. And he’s Ollie. That’s kind of undermining the intro here! Hi, I’m Josh! I’m Ollie… This is JOLLY! That wasn’t a very JOLLY intro but… Yeah, I feel quite Jolly! What we thought we’d do […]

The Top Symptoms of a Potassium Deficiency

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Hey, guys. In this video we’re going to talk about low potassium. Why? Because potassium is probably the number one deficiency with most people, but it’s the hardest to detect. Because when you take a blood test, most of the potassium, 98% of your potassium is inside the cell, not outside the cell. So when […]

Is Wine Good For Candida?

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Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand coming back to you with another video again. Thanks for checking out my video today. We’re going to talk about wine and Candida. Can I drink wine on the Candida diet? Is wine okay? Why is wine bad? Why can’t I have it? Well, if you think […]

Pairing Red Wine with Food – Pinot Noir

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– Working in the wine industry, the most common question that I’m asked everyday is how to pair what wine with what food. Today, we are at the Fraternity Club in Ferry Meadow and we’re gonna pair some of the most common red wine with some of the most popular dishes. Hi, I’m Beppe. I’ve […]