Inside the White House: Beer Brewing

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♪♪ (music playing) ♪♪ Sam Kass: We are in the White House kitchen. And we are very excited because we are brewing our second round of White House beer. This round we are actually brewing another honey ale and we are going to brew a honey porter. Brewing beer is becoming a thing that Americans […]

DermTV – Why Wine Turns Your Face Red [ Epi #45]

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[music] Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. Patients often complain to me that their favorite wine turns their cheeks and nose red, so what’s going on here? It is actually very simple: anything that increases the amount of blood in your skin is going to make your skin redder. We have […]

Steak with red wine sauce – The genuine Entrecôte à la Bordelaise

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Welcome once again to Pete’s Pans. Today’s dish is an Entrecôte à la Bordelaise – This is a rib or sirloin steak a served with a classic red wine, shallot, and beef marrow sauce, This particular preparation was probably invented in Paris, but named after the Bordeaux region of France famous for its wine but […]

Beer Bad • S04E05 • TPN’s Buffy Guide

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Let me get this out of the way up front. I like ‘Beer Bad’. It’s a candy episode for me, even if it is stupid, silly, totally lacking in subtlety and completely puritanical. Sure. There isn’t any depth to the theme here. It’s right there in the title. But come on now. How you can […]

What’s the Best Way to Pour Beer?

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♪ INTRO ♪ Beer. It’s refreshing, delicious, bubbly, tingly, and full of chemistry. We’ve talked about the science of making beer, but there’s also a science to the way we pour beer. You probably know the drill: Always tilt the glass. But why? It’s all about the foam. Beer has lots of dissolved carbon dioxide—the […]

What’s The Difference Between Lager and Ale?

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(cracking) (splashing) (energetic indie rock music) – [Man] Beer: it’s one of the oldest and most popular alcoholic drinks, with production dating back over 5,000 years. Beer consistently ranks as the preferred alcoholic beverage for Americans, and April 7th is National Beer Day, (moves into jubilant orchestral music) the same day that beer was legalized […]

Clear Drinks Review – Hype Hunt: EP37

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What’s up Hype Hunters! I’m sure by now you guys have heard of the clear drinks trend. So Japanese drink companies have been using this scientific method to make things like coffee or milk tea colourless like water. Yeah. Some science-y talk. So basically what happens is water is boiled to make water vapour which […]

How Much Water Do We Really Need to Drink?

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In elementary school, most of us learn the human body is 75% water and we are supposed to drink eight glasses of water every single day. But that H2O knowledge, that’s evaporated. Hey, hydraters. Trace here for D News. Babies are wet. Yeah, they are soaked in water. A recent NPR blog post talked about […]

30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge (full movie) | Drink a Quart of Green Smoothie Daily for Health

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(upbeat electronic music) – Welcome to the 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. I commend you for seeking out such a healthy thing to do for yourself. My name is Sergei Boutenko and I’m gonna be leading you through this challenge to make it as simple, as easy, and as streamlined as possible so that you succeed […]

British Pronunciation – Beer and Bear – /ɪə/ and /eə/

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Welcome back! A few of you messaged us saying that you had problems with the sounds /ɪə/ et /eə/, so today, we’re doing a quick practice on those two sounds. For this lesson, I need you to repeat with me so you can practice these two sounds. So, “Ear”, “Air”, This one is my ear, […]