Awesome Wine tasting in Australia’s Barossa Valley

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The Barossa Valley, Australia’s most famous and largest wine region is located 60 kilometres North East of South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide. The Barossa is world famous for its Shiraz and is home to some of the world’s biggest wineries like Jacob’s Creek and Penfolds. Most wineries offer cellar door sales and free tastings with […]

White Wines Worth Drinking

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Hey, what’s up, it’s Madeline Puckette I am a sommelier and co-founder Wine Folly dot com where we learn by drinking. For the longest time I was a red wine girl Give me your biggest, boldest, richest, most high tannin, opulent, bold red wine And I was a happy lady. I have to admit to […]

Slow-Roasted Pork Belly – Gordon Ramsay

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take a very sharp knife bring the pork belly towards you so you’re over it you’ve got all that pressure and weight using the tip of the knife I’m just sort of nicking it and go across the pork belly long strokes with a knife take your time turn it 180 this time what we’re […]

Bartending Tips : How to Clean Wine Glasses

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Do you ever look at your wine glasses and wonder just why they can’t get clean? My name is Micah and I’m going to show you how to properly clean a wine glass. Now wine glasses are one of the hardest glasses to clean as a bartender or just as someone at home. They are […]

MS Hurtigruten Fram Cruise Ship Tour – Hurtigruten’s Cruises

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Unveiled in 2007, the 12,700 ton Fram is one of the newest and most modern expedition cruise ships sailing regularly to polar areas such as Antarctica and the Arctic destinations of Greenland and Spitsbergen. Stout and sturdy, the Fram was specifically designed for travel to the polar regions with a strengthened hull that that allows […]

Why I Put White Wine In Basically Everything

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Yes, I cook with white wine a lot, and the simple reason is, it’s just a very convenient source of sweetness and acidity. Most foods are enhanced by some sweet and sour, and white wine goes with most foods. It just doesn’t contain any really strong or particular flavors that would clash with other flavors. […]

Joel Gott Wines Video: California Roots and Gourmet Burgers

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– So tonight’s guest on the Sunday Sipper Club is not only an iconic California winemaker, but he also owns seven really highly respected foodie, gourmet burger restaurants. So I call him a double major (chuckles) and we’re going to learn how to pair wine with burgers, but also so much more. We’re going to […]

How to Care For and Clean Your Wine Decanter from The California Wine Club

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Hi and welcome back to The California Wine Club’s Wine 301 – our wine decanter series. Today we are going to be talking about the care and cleaning of your wine decanter. No matter if you spend $20 or several thousands of dollars on your decanter, I’m going to share with you three strategies that’s […]

TASTEMAKERS | How 323 Chefs Shaped the Way We Eat | Food & Wine Best New Chefs

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– It’s called Best New Chefs. Are you familiar with it? – [Man On Phone] Yeah, I love that list. – You do? – [Man On Phone] I follow it religiously. (laughing) – Best New Chefs, if you look at the franchise across 30 years, and 300 plus chefs, you’re talking about the best of […]


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Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is going to be a weekly vlog starting with today, I’m inside of Macy’s Union Square, one of my favorite stores here in San Francisco. It’s like 8 stories of fun and today we’re talking out STORY which is like a new retail concept, it’s a […]