Is alcohol healthy?

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– Hey guys, Robby here from Crossfit South Bend. Today we’re gonna answer the question what about alcohol? Can alcohol be a part of a healthy diet? And just like anything else, nothing is either purely good or purely bad, it just depends on the context. We are gonna give you some relevant considerations to […]

Wine Tasting: Red Wine Montaria

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Hey, cheers! Today I have a wine from Alentejo Montaria premium 2016. The grape varieties are Syrah, Trincadeira, Alicante Bouschet and Tempranillo, in Alentejo known as Aragonês. Clean and ruby color. On the nose we have red fruits, jams, clove and a little smoked notes. On the palate we have plants, figs and a short […]

Una Mey – Butterflies & Red Wine (Audio)

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The fever sets in Time runs away like water Control gone to waste Coffee too hot to sip I want someone to tell me they feel it Too I find my heart racing without reason Some days I cannot pin myself down, Down I fly high Like butterflies And Red Wine I Get lost In […]

Beer Chicken Stew with Biscuit Topping

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If you are looking for a rib-sticking cold-weather supper, look no further than this chicken stew with biscuits on top. It’s kinda halfway between chicken & dumplings and a pot pie, and it comes courtesy of my dear friend Ben Harrison, who is very kindly using my biscuit recipe from an earlier video. Grate up […]

Christmas traditions around the world: France

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Hi, I’m Wilbur. My friends at Webcertain have all been talking about one thing lately: Christmas! A lot of Webcertainers come from around the world, and I’ve noticed that each country has its own unique traditions. My friend Sam has family in France, and she says that food is a big part of the celebrations. […]

Would You Drink Water Made From Sewage?

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Would you like to eat a brownie – shaped like a piece of poop, or slurp delicious soup – out of a newly-sanitized bedpan, or drink a freshly-squeezed glass of juice – into which someone had dipped a sterilized cockroach? Perhaps unsurprisingly, when actually put in these scenarios, most people turn them all down – […]

(멀드 와인맛) 크리스마스? 쿠키?. (Mulled wine flavour) Christmas spiced cookies.

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Welcome back, to another episode of Auntie A’s kitchen. Simple and delicious food cooked here in South Korea with South Korean ingredients. If you are new to the channel ‘Hi’. Welcome. In today’s episode, I am going to be sharing with you a (mulled wine flavored) Christmas spiced cookie recipe. These cookies are rustic looking […]

What is Addiction Medicine? Craig Wellness & Recovery | Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Canton, GA

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What is Addiction Medicine? Dr James Craig | Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation in Canton & Marietta GA. good morning again this is dr. Craig from Craig wellness and recovery and it occurred to me recently that many of the people that are getting these videos may not understand exactly what we do here at Craig […]

CDC Grand Rounds Beyond the Data: Community Water Fluoridation

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I’m Doctor John Iskander, welcome to CDC’s Beyond the Data. I’m here today with Dr. Barbara Gooch to discuss community water fluoridation. Barbara could you for our audience orient us generally at first to what we mean by fluoridation or community water fluoridation? Community water fluoridation is the adjustment of the fluoride content of drinking […]

How To Play Beer Pong Ft. Angela And Kevin From ‘The Office’

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OK, ready? Brian: Yep. Oh, my God. Have it drop right in. Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh! Boom! Suck it, Kinsey. Narrator: We visited Brian Baumgartner and Angela Kinsey on set, and they showed us their best beer-pong techniques. They’ll cover how to score points, how to prevent your opponent from scoring, and how to be […]