Bounty Hunter Wine Bar & Smokin’ BBQ: Check, Please! Bay Area Review

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– PR maven Lisa Barker has spent nearly two decades singing the praises of Napa County and its wines, but at heart she’s still a North Carolina girl who likes to kick up her feet and tuck into some tasty smoked ribs. Luckily she’s found the one place that has everything her heart desires at […]

Domaine De Dionysos Cotes Du Rhone 2009 – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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welcome back evebody and welcome to fairgrounds tv. I’m your host Peter Muller of Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits in lovely Danbury Connecticut and welcome to wine wednesday. we have a great bottle of wine for you from france. it is a domaine de dionysus. and it is a cotes du rhone. it is a combination […]

Widmer Brothers Pitch Black IPA – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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What’s going down everybody? How we doing? I’m Peter Moeller of Fairgrounds Wine & Spirits and welcome back to FairgroundsTV. Somebody suggested on our YouTube channel that we try the Widmer Brothers pitch Black IPA. It is 6% and it comes to us from Portland, Oregon. Let’s give this a check out, obviously it’s going […]

One of America’s Top Sommeliers Taste Tests Celebrity Wines

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– I’m Patrick Cappiello, Eater National’s Sommelier of the Year and winner of Wine Spectator’s Grand Award and today, I’m gonna grade celebrity wines. (upbeat rock music) So, this is Mike Ditka. The name of this wine is The Champion. Still has a very high view of himself. From the Napa Valley, eh, so he’s […]

Wine Lovers Get Pranked With Fake Wine

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– I’ve been training my whole life. – I just came for the free wine. (jaunty accordion music) – Love wine. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert but I drink a lot. – I used to be a big Franzia guy in college. It’s just the best bang for your buck, and it really appeals […]

Wine Tasting: Smell – Sweet Wine Course #10

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In a previous video, we started talking about the first stage of a tasting. Now, together, we’re going to go through, the second stage of the tasting, that is to say the olfactory step, the nose. This runs through two stages, First, what is called the first nose. The first nose, it’s the first step […]

Red Wine Doughnuts | RECIPE

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everybody welcome back welcome to cook miss so this is the last recipe in our cook mysterious and I know we did like a trendy recipe yesterday but we’re going to do another one today so red wine hot chocolate is actually being quite popular lately and so I was going to do that but […]

Types of Red Wine : Zinfandel Wine Facts

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Hi, I’m going to tell you about Zinfandel, the wine. Now if you think of this as Zinfandel, you’re right. There’s a very popular wine called white Zinfandel. It’s made from the red grape known as Zinfandel, and we make this nice pink, kind of salmon colored, orangey, light sometimes fruity and sweet wine, by […]

Aging Wine at the Bottom of the Sea

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(bright music) – [Narrator] In the southern part of Croatia, in the peninsula of Peljesac, there is a winemaker that does things a little differently. – [Narrator] That’s right. This winery ages their wine 75 feet beneath the sea’s surface. (playful music) After growing up around many traditional winemakers, Edi had an idea to combine […]

Bottlegate: Meeting a Governing Body member at the liquor store

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[Music] hello there I’m Lloyd Evans and you’re watching the John Cedars Channel from the bunker and this is a video I never thought I would need to make but we need to talk about Tony Morris again I’m afraid because if you’re a Jehovah’s Witness watching this you’ll know that finding a governing body […]