Spaghetti Alla Vongole | Easy Pasta | White Wine Sauce with Clams | Quick Dinner Fix

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Hey guys and welcome back to another episode of the Lisa show where we cook and we eat so if that’s your jam Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button down below Today we’ll be making spaghetti alla vongole and it is basically a very Simple spaghetti with clam dish. We’ve got beautiful clams and […]

How to Unstick Sticky Beer Faucets – Cleaning Guide

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Sticky beer faucets? Here’s how to fix the issue Dab the end of the faucet piston in warm water If that doesn’t work, spray with sanitizer Spray the piston, center hole & inside the faucet spout If that doesn’t work, Disassemble the faucet &clean all the parts Unscrew the lower nut and remove the faucet […]

Logger Beer 1&2

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*chainsaw sounds* Logger the beer that brought the forest down U drive an exotic imported sports car I eat exotic foreign food Like frankfurters and pizza But when it comes to numbing my mind, I`m a patriot. I drink the beer that brought the forest down Im a Logger man And the new 18 bottle […]

Energy drinks: power or poison?

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Well, oh, oh my gosh. I’m sorry thing to do is off. I need to stay awake Fortunately I’ve got a nifty energy drink here. This is supposed to keep me awake according to the Manufacturers it it gives me some kind of wings Monstrous wings and look at all the great stuff. It’s got […]

‘I Don’t Wanna Drink This S—t!’ Feat. Tana Mongeau

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It’s kale juice. This is pond water. Burritos! What happened, Darren? They got us, man. What’s up world? We got a special guest on today’s episode, welcome back Tana Mongeau! Hi. What’s good? Tana! Hey, hey. I’m back, I’m basic, I’m bougie, I’m fucking ready for this shit. Hey. Shit. You fucking eat shit, sometimes […]

How to Drink Beer Without Getting Bloated (because bloating is not cute!)

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I’m Master Cicerone Mirella Amato and this is my friend Matt. Matt has ten years experience in the restaurant and service industry. But more importantly, I am also a lover of beer. Aren’t we all? Yes, that’s why everyone’s here honey. So, in this youtube series Matt and I are gonna be playing with foam. […]

You’ll Throw Up if you Drink THAT!

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[Captions by Y Translator] You just puked half your body fluid. Come downstairs and sit down in the kitchen, and see how you feel, okay? If it doesn’t sit very well, stay home. We started putting the morning together, and I remember that she came into the kitchen, and she got a drink of– You […]


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Hello and welcome to Czech Republic on today’s episode We’re going to show you new places that we will be discovering with you, and we’re starting off in cup of society Which has this lovely epic garden and when you’re inside looking at desserts look lower Into this box where you can find Catan balls […]

Expensive Vs Cheap Beer: Which Is Better? | Ft. Kanishk & Sonali | Ok Tested

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After two drinks. Everything seems perfect. What happened bro? So today’s task is very simple! We’re going to have three types of beer. One of them is cheap, middle and expensive. We have to guess which is what. First time when I had a beer… I don’t remember. I was in 11th standard. But when […]


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– What’s up guys, it’s Collins Key and for today’s video, I am going to be completely destroying my taste buds. And to do this, I need a friend to join me so everyone please welcome Brent Rivera What’s up everyone I hope you guys are having an amazing day today! Thank you so much […]