The Stump Jump – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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{rtf1ansiansicpg1252cocoartf1038cocoasubrtf360 {fonttblf0fswissfcharset0 Helvetica;} {colortbl;red255green255blue255;} margl1440margr1440vieww9000viewh8400viewkind0 pardtx720tx1440tx2160tx2880tx3600tx4320tx5040tx5760tx6480tx7200tx7920tx8640qlqnaturalpardirnatural f0fs24 cf0 Hello everybody and welcome back to Fairgrounds TV. I’m your host Peter Moeller of Fairgrounds wine and Spirits in lovely Danbury, Connecticut. And it is raining outside. It is a miserable Tuesday night. The wind is blowing, I’ve got a plastic bag over the camera, I’ve got […]

BEST BREAKFAST In Malleshwaram AT VEENA STORES | SOFT FLUFFY IDLI | Chow Chow Bath | Sweet Pongal

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The idlis are soft but you can feel the texture of the idlis as you’re eating it. So, when you taste the Pongal with the chutney… … it’s transformed to a whole new savoury, spicy level. Every neighbourhood has its own set of popular eateries. The popularity of this tiny eatery or store right here […]

Wine 101 with UW Professor Michael Wagner

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Um, so You guys can hear me OK with this microphone? So I’d like to proceed by saying I have no official credential in wine. I have no master sommelier, any of that. But I have been reading about wine for years, I’ve been traveling to many of the wine regions in the world: California […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Color in Wine Tasting

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After you check a wine’s clarity, if everything seems good, the next step of wine tasting is to look at the wine’s color. Wine is available in a wide variety of colors; from very light yellow to yellow gold, to maybe even a little bit of green, to pink, to salmon, to rose, to ruby […]

Nikki’s Discount Liquor Store Nottingham, MD Overlea, MD | Wine & Beer Nottingham, MD Overlea, MD

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Nikki’s Discount Liquor Store in Nottingham, MD Overlea, MD is the place to go for all of your beer, wine and liquor. You’ll find a wide selection of beer wine and spirits all housed in the clean pleasant environment with courteous and friendly staff we value our customers and pride ourselves in delivering a wide […]

Sixty Four Wine Bar and National Drink Wine Day. Celebrate Where We Live

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having a cellar full of wine is great but I prefer mine in a glass hi I’m Jake Tysiak with Keller Williams February 18 is National Drink Wine day so to celebrate today we are out 64 wine bar in downtown Naperville this restaurant opened its doors in 2017 in Naperville residents has quickly become […]

Two Roads Roadsmary’s Baby – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits

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What’s up everybody! Welcome back to FairgroundsTV I’m your host Peter Moeller. Today we have something from our lovely brewery in Stratford, Connecticut. It is called Two Roads Roadsmary’s Baby. Get it? Rosemary’s Baby? Roadsmary’s Baby? This is a pumpkin ale aged in bourbon barrels. Ale, pumpkin, spices aged in… rum barrels! Wow! How did […]

DIY Melted Wine Bottle Tray, Corinne VS Pin #19

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*random singing* What up internet, Corinne here and you’re watching Corinne VS Pin Today we’re slumping it. Yeah, that’s right, I’m taking on the almighty melted wine bottle tray This project is the stuff of internet legend. Is it a real wine bottle? Can you use your regular oven? Yes, it is a real wine […]

Scallops roasted in Sweet Bordeaux wine, with parsnip purée – Christmas Recipes

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Hello ! Today let’s work with scallops. For this recipe we need, of course some scallops, two red onions, a candied lemon, the zest of an organic orange, some parsnip, a small leek, some salt, some pepper, some Véra sweet chili and some single cream. To start this recipe, let’s first of all peel and chop […]

Sweet Bordeaux wines at the Bordeaux Wine festival 2014!

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In this burger, I worked with ground meat : wagyu beef. It’s beef in a japanese tradition. I also brought some salt, with colonata bacon. It’s italian bacon, which brings some salt. I wanted to counterbalance with Sweet Bordeaux wines the salted side. I also brought in this recipe some oyster leaves, it’s Mertensia Maritima, […]