That Mate Who’s Too Into His Beer

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You’re going to love these This one’s a Belgian mild and this one’s a German wheat beer So long as it’s got alcohol in it right? Well your milds are actually quite low in alcohol content so… So you’re a bit of a beer connoisseur then? No I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur Let’s just […]

What if we Drink only Seawater? | #aumsum

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It’s AumSum Time. What if we Drink only Seawater? Naahhh. I only drink Chocolate Milkshake. Oh AumSum. On an average seawater has salinity of about 3.5%. When we drink seawater, water as well as excess salt get absorbed in our blood. One of the functions of our kidneys is to remove this excess salt from […]

Discover The Chablis Wine Region

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Chablis, the outlier of the Burgundy sub-regions and one of the most famous names in the world of fine wine This quaint little town lies roughly halfway between Paris and Beaune and is actually closer to champagne than the rest of Burgundy It’s not only geography that defines this white wine Haven though, as the […]

Why opera is worth fighting for | Lotte de Beer | TEDxAUCollege

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Translator: Robert Tucker Reviewer: Ellen Maloney Opera … entertainment for the elderly, a leftover from the 19th century, boring, expensive, elitist, perhaps the most elitist art form of all time. I am Lotte de Beer, and I’m an opera director. And my slides have very little to do with my story. They’re just pictures of […]

Bloating | How To Get Rid Of Bloating | Reduce Bloating

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So what causes bloating? What helps get rid of it? And when should you speak to your doctor? I’m going to tell you all of this and more in this week’s video now we all know the feeling of being bloated when you tummy is stretched puffy and generally being uncomfortable bloating often happens after […]

How Did Beer Change the World?

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Hybrid cars, computers, those terrible smartphone games everyone’s hooked on: humanity has come a long way since our cave-dwelling, hunting-and-gathering, Quasimodo-looking forefathers. But why? What drove all of these fantastic exhibitions of human achievement? Well, some of the biggest accomplishments in the history of mankind came about because of beer, which is ironic since beer […]

Building A Brewery : Craft Beer Documentary [Reclamation Brewing Company]

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what makes a good beer to me is people who really care about their craft people who are interested in what the certain characteristics of the grain and all the ingredients together combine to make the process of seeing it go from the raw materials to the wort you add the yeast and you see […]

Couple vs. Couple | Fear Pong | Cut

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– Reenact the night your unborn baby was conceived. C’mon! – Dance, my nigga! – I’m ’bout to come, baby! – Go ahead, go ahead! (grunts loudly) (upbeat classical chorus) – Hello! – Hey! – Hi! – What it is? – I’m Devany. – I’m Douglas. – You not gonna just say Doug? You gotta […]

Top 100 Most Famous Wine Names A to Z (ICONIC WINES)

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this is Julien, the French winemaking guy who makes wine videos here on YouTube, yes wine videos, and we are looking at the top 100 most famous wine names in the world, those iconic names that make us all dream, at least it does to me, it makes me dream for sure, those that every […]

Kamikaze Shot – How to make a Kamikaze Shot Cocktail Recipe by Drink Lab (Popular)

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How to make a Kamikaze Shot. G’day there Drinking Buddies Scotty Boxa here for your home of free cocktail recipes. Have you signed up to become my drink buddy yet? No, well your missing out on all the goodies and the freebies. In the mean time this right here is the Kamikaze shot named […]