How Palestinians celebrate Oktoberfest | Palestinian beer, music & dancing | Oktoberfest Taybeh

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The Palestinian Oktoberfest kicks off. With a procession of scouts… …and Orthodox priests. Revellers from around the world have come to the Christian village of Taybeh in the West Bank. The hosts are the Khoury family, founders of the Taybeh Brewery, the oldest in the Middle East. At their Oktoberfest, they serve ten varieties of […]

Trying PLAGUE WATER! (Traditional British Drinks😅🤮)

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Hi! Hi, Ollie. I’m Josh. …What?! Threw me off. I thought you were gonna go “Hi, I’m Josh.” Everyone knows. And he’s Ollie. That’s kind of undermining the intro here! Hi, I’m Josh! I’m Ollie… This is JOLLY! That wasn’t a very JOLLY intro but… Yeah, I feel quite Jolly! What we thought we’d do […]

The Top Symptoms of a Potassium Deficiency

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Hey, guys. In this video we’re going to talk about low potassium. Why? Because potassium is probably the number one deficiency with most people, but it’s the hardest to detect. Because when you take a blood test, most of the potassium, 98% of your potassium is inside the cell, not outside the cell. So when […]

Is Wine Good For Candida?

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Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand coming back to you with another video again. Thanks for checking out my video today. We’re going to talk about wine and Candida. Can I drink wine on the Candida diet? Is wine okay? Why is wine bad? Why can’t I have it? Well, if you think […]

Pairing Red Wine with Food – Pinot Noir

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– Working in the wine industry, the most common question that I’m asked everyday is how to pair what wine with what food. Today, we are at the Fraternity Club in Ferry Meadow and we’re gonna pair some of the most common red wine with some of the most popular dishes. Hi, I’m Beppe. I’ve […]

How Does the Color of a Glass Bottle Affect the Beer Inside?

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Beer bottles are typically just three colors. But does the color matter? A bottle’s color determines just how much light gets through to the beer inside. Light may not seem like a big deal, but it can cause chemical reactions in beer that affect the taste. Brewers call these beers “lightstruck.” Molecules from hops known […]

The Japanese Hangover Drink – Turmeric Power

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If you spend a bit of time in Japan and go out for drinks every now and then, you’ll start to notice that a lot of people will beforehand, drink this stuff- it’s called “Ukon no Chikara!” Ukon no Chikara. You can find it at almost any convenient store and sometimes Japanese izakayas will sell […]

Beaujolais Nouveau: A great red wine for the Holidays!

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if you’re fairly new to drinking wine I’d like to show you something well… new. this here is Beaujolais Nouveau and yes, “nouveau” is the french word for “new.” Beaujolais a region in the eastern part of France, south of burgundy and the reason that they call this nouveau is because the juice in the […]

Weight loss drink / Replace Tea & Coffee with this miracle weight loss drink

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Alcohol vs. Weed: Which Makes You More Creative?

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They say that weed makes you more creative, which is true if we’re talking about inventing an oreo-banana-skittle sandwich. Hello someone who isn’t me, Jules here for DNews. Drugs are a mixed dime bag. On the one hand, they get you high. On the other hand, they come with a bottomless list of side effects. […]