Beer Tap Handles Born in the USA

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– We’ve made tap handles for Budweiser, Goose Island, Miller Lite. You know, I think this is a first with an actual snow globe on the tap handle. Yee-Haw Pale Ale. I like this one because it’s just a big, awesome-looking tap handle. Stiegl, Prescott, and Central Waters, to name a few. I’m Mark Steinhardt, […]

EGG COFFEE, EGG BEER, and Other Unique Drinks in Hanoi (NinjaTeacher & CharlyCheer)

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Today we’re at Cafe Giang in Hanoi, the birthplace of egg coffee in Vietnam. They have a number of other egg-related drinks, and we’re gonna try them all. What’s up guys? It’s Cory here, I am with… Alex, hi! Sorry, that was awkward. This is Alex, and he’s known as Ninja Teacher, a vlogger, he […]

Gew├╝rztraminer Sauvignon Blanc – Cooper’s Hawk November 2019 Wine of the Month

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Hello, fellow Wine Club Members! I’m Tim McEnery, the Founder & CEO of Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants and today, we’re here to celebrate the beginning of the holidays starting with Thanksgiving and the wonderful Fall month of November. We’ve created an exceptional wine, they’re all exceptional, we think … This one, a little bit […]

What do you do when you drink? (Raw rib story) Honcon 2017

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What I drink I tend to get chatty, and I make all these elaborate plans for the future that I’m going to do with all My best friends and travel everywhere Sounds normal. If I’m at someone’s house I tend to, you know, clean up a little Could you tell what each other do when […]


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Jesus came so that we can all have LIFE in abundance. He gives Living Water to those who come to Him. We read in John 4:13 Jesus said to the woman at the well: “whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him […]

Every “Wine” in Wine Country | Netflix Is A Joke

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– (breathing deeply) It’s an amazing day in wine country. (wine cork popping) (upbeat music) – Drink wine, and laugh, and wear muumuus, and just like hanging out, drinking wine. – All that is baked into the itinerary. We’re gonna lay around, we’re gonna drink wine. – We been drinking wine all day. – A […]

Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits : Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

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Hi, my name is Doctor Kim Makoi, I’m a holistic chiropractor from San Francisco and this is benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar. Most people have a problem these days with their bodies running a little bit on the acidic side. This is due to eating a lot of processed foods, a lot of cooked […]

Drinking Coffee Reduces the Risk of Depression

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By Drinking coffee reduces the risk of depression according to recently published research. An article published in volume 171 of the Archives of Internal Medicine by a team of Harvard researchers showed a lower incidence of depression in women who reported drinking at least four cups of coffee a day as compared to women […]

You have been drinking water the wrong way all your life

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Hello Friends! Welcome to Fit Tuber. Today, I will share with you 5 things about water. Listening to those may change the way you drink water. And you will become a lot healthier. So stay tuned and watch this video till the end. This is simply because when we eat food, our body temperature increases. […]

The greatest threat to the world, hangover free alcohol and NSA fallout – Truthloader

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Hey everyone it’s Monday so usually you’d be staring at Sam’s face right now but he’s actually away learning to be a samurai in Japan with the green Power Ranger, genuinely. Here’s a photo. Anyway, this week we’ve got your comments as always. We’ve got officials falling out over Edward Snowden’s leaks and what’s the […]