3 Negative Side Effects Of Raising Your Vibration (NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS)

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raising your vibration isn’t always sunshine daisies roses peaches and cream there are some negative side effects of it some of which some people probably don’t talk about in this video I’m gonna share with you what those are how you can bypass them so you don’t experience the negative effects of raising your vibration […]

How Coronavirus Kills: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) & COVID-19 Treatment

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welcome to another medcram lecture so I hear this question a lot how does the corona virus actually kill people there’s a recent article in The Lancet that showed that of 41 people that were admitted to the hospital six of them died and all of them were on ventilators and they died with something […]

Bipolar disorder (depression & mania) – causes, symptoms, treatment & pathology

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Maybe you’ve heard the term “bipolar” used to describe someone who’s moody, or who has mood swings, but this colloquial use of the term is really different from bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder, which used to be called manic depression, is a serious mental illness that causes a person to have dramatic shifts in emotions, mood, […]

We Grow Your Beer Brewing Competition – 2019

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[Music] We had a brew with the Coleman Farms last year. Someone at some point started talking smack. It kind of turned into this competition. I will say after what we did a year ago we’re gonna be pretty high up there. We’re gonna win. We’re going to win. There’s no question about it. We’re […]

The Health Effects of Marijuana – Expert Q&A

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– Hello, welcome to today’s webchat about marijuana. Thank you for joining us. My name is Ed Bottomley with the Michigan Medicine Department of Communication. The Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana, also known as Proposal 1, was passed by the voters of the State of Michigan on November the 6th, 2018. It became a […]

Intermittent Fasting – How it Affects Sleep

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It’s not uncommon for someone to try intermittent fasting, and find that they not only have to deal with hunger, but trouble sleeping as well. I hear about this every now and then and have experienced it for myself. This especially seems to be the case if your new eating window is quite different from […]

Secrets to Longevity : Human Longevity Secrets: Red Wine

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If you want to live a long and healthy life, it’s important to, as I mentioned earlier, it’s important to look at the studies that come out that really get a lot of attention in the media, and kind of take it seriously, but not to seriously. The one thing that you’ll find in health […]

The Best Beer and Food in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

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Hey, everybody! This is Roger and Rose from Go Travel Shop Eat Repeat. We’re back on another old bridge today as always because that’s just the thing that we do where the Old Bridge Channel now I think. But today we are in beautiful Bamberg, Germany… yeah… one of the most beautiful cities you’re gonna […]

Pot Does This To Your Brain

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hows your neurochemistry? Hi everyone, its me your resident molecular neuroscientist here for DNews These days it seems that everyone is a chemist, and our own brains are our experimental medium. Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol are our favorite legal reagents, and some states have added a new one: THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, is the psychoactive component […]

Coronavirus Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, & Vaccine Status

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thanks for joining us for our second video in the corona virus if this is the first video you’re seeing on that please go back to our first video to get the introduction about what exactly is this coronavirus of 2019 they’re calling it as it turns out it was discovered on the last day […]