Which is the Best Spanish Beer? Blind Tasting!

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Bill & Heather Enjoy a Trip to Wine Country & Wineries

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Oh hey awesome ones I’m just leafing through this Travel Guide on wine country. We have some friends that live in wine country and they’ve invited us up tomorrow so we’re gonna do the drive and they’ve got a very special evening planned and day in wine country, so come along So we thought we’d […]

Overly Excited Tourist Gets A Taste Of Wine Country

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– Whoa baby boy, my hat is a cork, my hat is a cork! I’m in Napa, Caffilornia. Home of the Slap the Bag. Let’s go hold our pinkies in the air and have a good time. (pleasant string music) Get out of my ass but leave the lights on, I’m at the famous Nipple […]

Drinking Cow Pee in India ??

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You thought this video was clickbait right? Who on earth would drink cow pee? Well some Indians do and today I’m gonna proudly join them and I’m gonna give my own creation to India Karl’s Yellow Happiness Yogurt Drink and lets see if we can get other people to drink it as well According to […]

Blended Wine Facts : Red Meritage Blended Wines

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I’m going to talk about an interesting blended wine, and it’s a wine called Meritage. If you’ve ever heard people say “Meritage”, it’s the same thing. However, I can tell you that the original and proper way to pronounce the term is “Meritage”. A Meritage is a blended wine made in the New World from […]

Wine Making Tips : Aging Wine in Barrels

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Welcome to the Gundel Winery. I am here on behalf of Expert Village. I am Zsalt Kalman, representing Gundel Winery since 1998. This is a quite big cellar. We can age 4,500 hectoliters of wine here in wooden barrels. We only use oak barrels here. 225, 300 and 500 liter barrels. We use the Hungarian […]

Finn Hill Winery: Wine Tasting Shuttle Partner

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So, this came from a particular vineyard called Rosebud. They have some Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon vines that are 30 years old which is old for Washington. It’s one of the most important things we do as a wine maker, is to choose the source of the grapes it’s like if you’re a chef. The […]

Types of Red Wine : Tempranillo Wine Facts

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Hi, I’m going to tell you about a grape that maybe you never heard of before, it’s called Tempranillo, and if that sounds Spanish, you’re right, it is Spain’s most popular grape. Tempranillo comes from the word temprano, and temprano means early, and the name of the grape came from the fact that Tempranillo is […]


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Oh my gosh! Okay. Alright. I’m gettin’ all the spices, all the flavours! [INTRO MUSIC] Ah! Good day everyone and welcome to today’s video! Sooo, I came across the secret menu of Starbucks. I had to try them because they have rainbow frickin’ drinks! And I was like, okay wait what? So apparently there’s a […]

Wine Masters S1 EP5 Preview: Alsace

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I don’t think people buy our wines just because of the beautiful yellow label. I think there is something behind it. People know that. [French] I believe that Riesling is one of the greatest white wines in the world. Of course there is also Chardonnay, but personally, I’d value Riesling higher in terms of varietal […]