Wine Tasting Tips : Smoky Aromas in Wines

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Another aroma that you might smell is smoke or smoky. It can be in a white wine, a sparkling wine, or a red wine. In a white wine, smokiness, or what I call oaky smoky, or burnt sugar, is usually a reflection of being aged in oak. Not always; because there’s no such thing as […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Buttery Aromas in Wines

By Brian Lemay 3 comments

If you have ever spent any amount of time around a wine lover, I’m sure you’ve heard them say that a wine tastes or smells buttery. People especially love to talk about their big, buttery Chardonnay’s, and it’s true; Chardonnay very often has a buttery aroma, and a buttery flavor. It can come across as […]

Wine Tasting Tips : What is Tannin in Wine?

By Brian Lemay 11 comments

Let’s talk about Tannin. Tannin is an acid that is found in the seeds, and skins, and stems of grapes. All grapes, but we usually talk about tannin in a red wine. A white wine can have tannin if the wine has rested on the grape seeds or skins for a while or if it […]

Wine Tasting Tips : What are Legs in Wine Tasting?

By Brian Lemay 10 comments

One of the most fun steps of wine tasting is to look at the wine’s tears. Tears are also known as legs, arches, or rivulets. What they are is when the wine breaks into what looks like paint dripping down a wall, after you swirl it. Sometimes it’s hard to see, and sometimes it takes […]

Wine Tasting Tips : How to Describe a Wine’s Flavor

By Brian Lemay 6 comments

Describing a wine’s flavor is sometimes difficult for people. It doesn’t make much sense to me, because we all grew up describing food. Maybe we’ve gotten a little too lackadaisical; maybe the ways we describe food is like yuk, yum, delicious, give me more of that. We can definitely describe wine flavor like yuk, yum, […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Clarity in Wine Tasting

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One of the first steps that you should do when you’re tasting wine is look at the wine, and the first step of looking at a wine should be looking at a wine for clarity. Clarity is the ability of a wine to absorb and reflect light, and no matter what your color or style […]

Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Sweetness in Food Rule

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Hi. I’m teaching you the real rules of food and wine pairing. Real rule number two is very important and it’s about sweetness, and here it is. Sweetness in food makes sweetness in wine go away. Sweet food will make wine tasteless sweet. In other words, more acidic and a little bit flatter. Now if […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Steps of Wine Tasting

By Brian Lemay 3 comments

I’m going to tell you about the steps of wine tasting. People love to go wine tasting, and we talk about wine tasting all the time. Tasting actually has a few steps. The first thing in tasting a wine is you want to look at it. You look at it for many different things. You […]

Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Red Wine with Meat

By Brian Lemay 1 comment

Let’s talk about the wine pairing rule, that I’m sure you’ve heard, which is red wine with meat. It’s a really good rule, I’ve got to tell you. There’s a reason that red wine with meat is repeated all the time. The reason is, that it works. Here’s why it works. Red meat, red meat […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Color in Wine Tasting

By Brian Lemay 5 comments

After you check a wine’s clarity, if everything seems good, the next step of wine tasting is to look at the wine’s color. Wine is available in a wide variety of colors; from very light yellow to yellow gold, to maybe even a little bit of green, to pink, to salmon, to rose, to ruby […]

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