People Try Alcohol-Infused Gummies

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– Can I have more of the tequila ones? (laughing) That’s my final thought. – Yeah, are we allowed to eat more? – We are here to taste test some different gummies and the alcohol that it may or may not taste like. – I like gummy candy, because it is delicious, and it’s the […]


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People Try The Wine Version Of 4 Loko

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(whistling) – I saw this all over Twitter and saw that it was sold out everywhere. – I don’t drink because I don’t like the taste of alcohol, I don’t like the feeling being drunk, and I’m horrified of throwing up. – I drank a lost last night forgetting that I was also gonna drink […]

Wine Tasting Tips : How to Describe a Wine’s Flavor

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Describing a wine’s flavor is sometimes difficult for people. It doesn’t make much sense to me, because we all grew up describing food. Maybe we’ve gotten a little too lackadaisical; maybe the ways we describe food is like yuk, yum, delicious, give me more of that. We can definitely describe wine flavor like yuk, yum, […]

The Rotten Grapes Behind this Legendary Wine

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– [Narrator] This story starts in Hungary, land of hot baths, daredevil horsemen and some very funky sweet wine. This guy, loves rocks. He has over 21 different types. He believes these volcanic rocks are what makes his wine taste the best in the world. Tokaji is known as Hungary’s world famous sweet wine country. […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Clarity in Wine Tasting

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One of the first steps that you should do when you’re tasting wine is look at the wine, and the first step of looking at a wine should be looking at a wine for clarity. Clarity is the ability of a wine to absorb and reflect light, and no matter what your color or style […]

Types of Dessert Wines : French Sauternes Dessert Wines

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Hello, my name is Mihaly Fabok and we are here on behalf of Expert Village. Now we are to think about dessert wines. We have another very famous dessert wine from Bordeaux, France. Sultan area. And this is also a very famous dessert wine. Usually this Sultan wine is made from Simeon, sovign on bone […]

Types of White Wine : Using a White Wine Glass

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Hello, my name is Mihaly Fabsk, and we are here on behalf of Expert Village. We are talking about white whines — how to serve, how to enjoy, the white whine. First of all, if you have white wines you need a white wine glass. Actually, this is a nice white wine glass. Usually, the […]


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Howdy folks it’s barry back with another food fear and today i’m at my Big Sisters House, this is Charlene. She looks like me, hasn’t brushed her teeth today, but she is wearing makeup and I only do that when I dress as a woman. And today we are trying miracle berries, ahh, she’s not […]

Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Sweetness in Food Rule

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Hi. I’m teaching you the real rules of food and wine pairing. Real rule number two is very important and it’s about sweetness, and here it is. Sweetness in food makes sweetness in wine go away. Sweet food will make wine tasteless sweet. In other words, more acidic and a little bit flatter. Now if […]