Is drinking soda as harmful as smoking?

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How soda, sports drinks and energy drinks affect your teeth

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Hello again! This is Laura Geiger from Southeast Family Dental. Today I want to discuss sodas and other drinks that are harmful to your teeth. As most people know, regular sodas or pops are very harmful to your teeth because of the large amount of sugar they contain. But did you know that other very […]

Drink to Your Health: Providing healthier beverage options

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>>Did you know that two thirds of adults and one quarter of adolescents in Michigan are overweight or obese? As obesity and its associated conditions of type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and poor bone and joint health are on the rise, so does our knowledge about sugar sweetened beverages and their effects. Sugar sweetened beverages […]

Reducing sugar in our soft drinks | Tesco

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We’ve reduced the sugar in our soft drinks as part of our commitment to give customers healthier choices

What does Soda do to your body? | #aumsum

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It’s AumSum Time. What does soda do to your body? It makes my skin glow. No. Sodas contain high amounts of sugar. Within 20 minutes of drinking soda. The high sugar content enters our bloodstream and sends our pancreas into overdrive. Thus causing it to produce a burst of insulin. However, overtime, this can lead […]

This Many Cans of Coke (Soda) Will Kill You

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Today we’re taking a look at America’s favorite junk food: soda. We’ve all heard the news reports and scientific studies, and we probably all have that one health nut friend who tells us just how terrible soda is for us, and while soda drunk without moderation is certainly very bad for you, just how much […]

Non-Alcoholic Sangria! | Stephanie from Millennial Moms

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Chancellor unveils Lifetime ISA and tax on sugary soft drinks

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The budget the Chancellor has delivered is actually the culmination of six years of his failure. Corbyn hit back at Osborne’s budget with fighting talk. The Chancellor delivered a few surprise blows. Including a not so sweet levy on the soft drinks industry. We’re going to use the money from this new levy to double […]

Sugar tax on soft drinks – should NZ follow UK’s lead?

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There’s been renewed calls for NZ to impose a tax on sugary drinks after the UK unveiled a tax on fizzy drinks in its budget today. The sugar tax, of around 50c per litre, is an attempt to combat childhood obesity and could add 17c to the price of soft drink cans from 2018. Health […]

Brown sugar beverages are hottest new fad on coffee shop scene in S. Korea

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time now for our life an info segment where we focus on information useful for your everyday life whether you’re in Korea or somewhere else around the world now it’s fair to say that we all crave something sweet from time to time and the sugar rush seems to have hit new heights with the […]