Wine Mom Vs. Wine Expert • Wine Mom

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(upbeat instrumental music) – Hi, I’m Hannah, your friendly neighborhood wine mom. And if you’re anything like me, you believe that a glass of wine at 8 p.m., or a glass and a half, makes you a better mom. So pour yourself a glass and let’s talk about stuff. But today, first, let’s talk about […]

The Chemistry of Wine

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You know that guy in your group of friends that always brings wine to the party JUST so he can talk about it? He’s always saying things like “Ooh! There are notes of bacon! Reaaaally swish it around you’ll get those hints of cream soda. Really taste the purple.” It may sound strange, and it […]

The Wines of Greece

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(whimsical music)>>(narrator) Greece is one of the most ancient wine-producing countries. 2,500 years before the Common Era, inhabitants of Crete likely learned to make wine from the nearby Egyptians. As the Greeks were a seafaring people, they later helped spread the cultivated vine to other parts of Europe.>>(speaking Greek)>>(narrator) Wine played a central role in […]

The Wines of Burgundy

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(peaceful harp music)>>(narrator) The French region of Burgundy is not only one of the finest winegrowing areas of the world, but potentially the most intricate. The simple premise of white wines based on Chardonnay and red wines based on Pinot Noir gives way to over 2,000 years of history and complexity. (peaceful harp music)>>(with French […]

Try Wives Redecorate Keith’s Room • TWWT

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– Hey. – Hey. – What’s up, what’s up, what’s up? ♪ Try Wives Wine Time ♪ – We’re back baby! – We’re back baby. – We are in the middle of making over Keith and Becky’s spare room. We are doing a special, ooh yes girl. I feel like that’s really the most important […]

The Wines of Barolo and Barbaresco

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(gentle orchestral music)>>(narrator) In the northwest corner of Italy, surrounded on three sides by the mountains of the Alps, lies one of the world’s great wine and food regions. (gentle orchestral music) In Italian, “Piemonte” can literally be translated as “at the foot of the mountains.” Famous for its mushrooms, cheese, and its pasta, the […]

The Wines of Argentina

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(lively music)>>(narrator) Winemaking in Argentina stretches back nearly half a millennium. But this history has imparted more than just technical expertise. The country also has a rich wine-drinking culture that has contributed to its status as one of the world’s largest producers of wine.>>Winemaking in Argentina is part of our culture. It’s the same as […]

Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Red Wine with Meat

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Let’s talk about the wine pairing rule, that I’m sure you’ve heard, which is red wine with meat. It’s a really good rule, I’ve got to tell you. There’s a reason that red wine with meat is repeated all the time. The reason is, that it works. Here’s why it works. Red meat, red meat […]

BEST Wine for Beginners: SPANISH WINE

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You want to get into wine You want to get into Spanish wine! My name is Michael and in this video I am going to show you an example of a white wine and a red wine For you to better understand Spanish wine! *Enrique Iglesias mode* I do not know how to play the […]

Jancis Robinson: “The 24-Hour Wine Expert” | Talks at Google

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[APPLAUSE] SPEAKER 1: Quite simply, Jancis is one of the most respected wine writers and wine critics in the world today. She’s been writing about wine for more than 40 years. She writes daily for her website, She’s the FT’s wine correspondent and has written more than 20 books about wine. In 1984, she […]