Shocking Facts About Coca Cola (aka Coke)!

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>>MARK: Hi I’m Mark Perry the creator of And today I’m gonna show you how making even one small change in your diet, can add up to a big difference over time.And also I’m gonna show you five, kinda small changes you can make that will make a big difference in how you look […]

Coke + Milk + Red Bull Reaction Experiment

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Today, I’m gonna show you what happens if you mix these three popular drinks together. Coke, Red Bull and Milk, and I’ll be pouring them all into this glass. We’ll start with the Coke. Pour some in. Then add some Milk. You can see that it goes a light brown colour. And it almost looks […]

Special Tax On Soda & Pizza?

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there might be eight tax on so that and pizza attitude eighteen percent tax at that the journal of off archives of internal medicine are proposing this eighteen percent tax in order to fight opi city in the united states thursday is we uh… implied are impose a heavy hefty tax means foods people are […]

Drinking 2 diet beverages a day linked to stroke, heart attacks

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now a Health Alert diet or regular soda if it seems like an obvious choice you may be wrong a new study links diet soda to heart attack stroke and early death Melanie Lawson shows us why and looks at how much diet soda is too much it’s the artificial sweetener that’s the concern it’s […]

Healthiest Airplane Beverage

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“Healthiest Airplane Beverage” Next scenario: you’re on a plane, and the flight attendant asks what you want to drink, and you think to yourself, which is healthiest? You’re offered a variety of soft drinks, water, cranberry juice cocktail, hot tea, orange juice from concentrate, tomato juice from concentrate, hot coffee, and apple juice from concentrate. […]

Butane and coke rocket šŸš€

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Muy bien amigos! En el vídeo de hoy vamos hacer cohetes de Coca-Cola y otras bebidas tenemos varias bebidas aquí No puedo creer que vaya a desperdiciar Coca-Cola Es el líquido más preciado del mundo No me importa nada esto, ni esto o cualquier otro refresco pero la Coca-Cola… He visto este vídeo en Internet […]

How Many People Have Died of Drinking Soda?

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harvard university just recently released a study indicating that a soda can be linked to death okay out so i have issues with the study will discuss that the before we do that i let me give you the results they found out that about two hundred thousand or one hundred eighty thousand deaths worldwide […]

DIY Giant GUMMY Soda Bottle Shape | How To Make Edible Jello & Jelly Soda Tutorial | Collins Key

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– What’s up, it’s Collins Key, and for today’s video, I am doing another DIY. Now I did my very first ever DIY last week, and there was so much positive response on that video. I’m like, you know what, we’re gonna do another DIY right now. But this time, ’cause I’m kind of like […]

Make Coca-Cola At Home?

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What’s up guys Lew here back with another video and today I have something that I am really pumped up for I don’t normally say pumped up that’s kinda new. Me and Jack have been talking about this thing since it arrived We have a serious problem here at the office with keeping cold beverages […]

I Drank Only Soda For A Month And This Is What Happened – Funny Challenge

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Hello Infographics fans and welcome to another special Challenge episode of The Infographics Show. Today we’re taking on the obesity issue. While global stereotypes like to paint Americans as a bunch of fatties, in actuality obesity figures from around the world show that weight gain is a problem in most modern nations. The reasoning is […]