Wine Tasting Tips : Color in Wine Tasting

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After you check a wine’s clarity, if everything seems good, the next step of wine tasting is to look at the wine’s color. Wine is available in a wide variety of colors; from very light yellow to yellow gold, to maybe even a little bit of green, to pink, to salmon, to rose, to ruby […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Bitterness in Wines

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Bitterness might not sound like something that tastes good, but actually, a little bit of bitterness is a good thing. Bittersweet chocolate is not as sweet without the bitter; by the way. It’s part of an overall flavor profile, and something that you shouldn’t be afraid of in your wine. An interesting thing about bitterness […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Meniscus in Wine Tasting

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One of the things that is very interesting to look for in a glass of wine is the wine’s meniscus. You might have heard the term meniscus before; especially if you’ve ever studied chemistry, or if you’ve ever had a problem with your knee. Chemistry and also Anatomy use the term meniscus, and in both […]

The Aromatic Science of Food and Wine: Francois Chartier at TEDxUdeM

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Translator: Sue Kronenfeld Reviewer: Denise RQ I brought dessert, but I’m going to keep it for myself, right there. Let’s get started; I’ll show you my rule of molecular harmony in wine-serving so that everyone understands what is eaten in winter. It’s a rule of the aromatic sciences of food and wine which I “gave […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Wood Aromas in Wines

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Many wines are fermented or aged in oak or other types of wood, and a wood derived aroma is one of the most common aromas that we can get in a wine. In a white wine, we can get a nice aroma of pine, or sap, or cedar, or oak in the middle of the […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Identifying Sweetness in Wine Tasting

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When you first approach a wine for tasting, and you’re actually at the point where you’re ready to taste it by putting it in your mouth, I always tell people the best thing to do is direct your attention to the tip of your tongue. Make sure your wine is in contact with the tip […]

Wine Tasting Tips : Spicy Aromas in Wines

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The smell of spice is one of my favorite smells in wines. You usually get the smell of a spice at the top of a glass. Spice can actually be from the grape, or from the production, so we can probably use either the term aroma or bouquet to talk about spices. White wine very […]