The Chemistry of Wine

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You know that guy in your group of friends that always brings wine to the party JUST so he can talk about it? He’s always saying things like “Ooh! There are notes of bacon! Reaaaally swish it around you’ll get those hints of cream soda. Really taste the purple.” It may sound strange, and it […]

How Heart Disease Created America’s Wine Industry

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This is an inviting glass of wine. Inside is about 125 calories, about 15% alcohol by volume, and some antioxidants. Of course, we didn’t always think about it this scientifically. Humans have been drinking wine since the Dark Ages. The ancient Greeks even worshipped a god of wine. It wasn’t until the 20th century that […]

Why Does Wine Make Your Mouth Feel Dry?

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You know that feeling you get when you bite into an unripe pear or banana, munch on too many walnuts, or sip red wine, and your mouth gets dry, rough, and puckery? That feeling is your mouth temporarily turning into leather. We make real leather through a long and complex process, with a central step […]

7 Wine Facts & Myths

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We all know at least one wine snob who insists on decanting the wine to “let it breathe” and swirling his glass and saying things like he can smell the gooseberry notes. But is there any merit to this pretentious pomp and circumstance? To get you some top shelf wine knowledge, we went to UC […]

How I broke a wine glass with my VOICE (using science!)

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Thanks to for supporting PBS Digital Studios. Hey-yo. It’s Dianna, and you’re watching Physics Girl. Let’s just get right to it. Is there like a note, like ooo or aaah? MIKE BOYD: Yeah, I think a [HIGH PITCH NOTE] an E. E is the best note. So try not to touch your lips on […]

The Aromatic Science of Food and Wine: Francois Chartier at TEDxUdeM

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Translator: Sue Kronenfeld Reviewer: Denise RQ I brought dessert, but I’m going to keep it for myself, right there. Let’s get started; I’ll show you my rule of molecular harmony in wine-serving so that everyone understands what is eaten in winter. It’s a rule of the aromatic sciences of food and wine which I “gave […]

What are antibubbles?

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DIANNA COWERN: This episode is sponsored by audible. Welcome to the science. Have you seen this experiment before, with the milk and the food coloring? And then you put some dish soap on the end of a Q-tip, and you dip it in the middle of the liquid to get this awesome experiment. This is […]

Leaving Things In Champagne For A Month

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– What happens when you leave a brain in champagne? – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackling) – Good Mythical Morning. – And Good Mythical early days of 2019. Or as the ancient Mayans called it, seven years after everyone is already dead. (Link chuckles) And make sure you cheers the new […]

The Secrets to Living on Mars: Wine and Aerogel? | SciShow News

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[ ♪ Intro ] Do you want to live a strong, happy life on Mars? Well, drink red wine. At least, that’s what a lot of recent headlines will have you believe. Those articles are talking about a study published last week in Frontiers in Physiology, which found that a compound in red wine could […]

Wine Tasting Prank | Science Behind the Power of Suggestion

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Hello. Hi. Hi, so are you guys ready to taste some wine? Yes. We invited people who had never participated in a wine tasting to see if the power of suggestion would make them try outrageous things. So just kind of swirl it around and go ahead and just take a nice big whiff in […]