Gut Bacteria Help Digest Red Wine | SimplyScience by Kristie Tanner

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Hello Science Lovers! Today we’re going to talk about how bacteria from our gut are able to help us digest wine. Well… not exactly red wine. This video is about how a specific bacteria called bacteroides is able to break down a molecule called Rhamnogalacturonan-II which from now on I’m just going to call RG-II. […]

This Is What A Stroke Does To Your Body

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Are you experiencing a sudden numbness or weakness on one side of your face, arm, or leg? How about sudden and inexplicable trouble walking, talking, or understanding speech? You may be having a stroke. Hello everyone! Crystal here for DNews ready to talk about one of the medical emergencies that scares me the most. Stroke. […]

5 Times Scientists Gave Animals Drugs (and What They Learned)

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[♪ INTRO] “Scientists get spiders high on weed!” “Watch what happened when a scientist gave this octopus ecstasy!” Over the years, you might have seen some headlines like these. This kind of research makes for great click-bait-ey articles, because it creates a ridiculous picture in our minds, and humans love to watch animals being silly. […]

What Happens If You Drink a Glass of Heavy Water?

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SciShow is supported by a problem-solving website that teaches you how to think like a scientist. Mmmm, a refreshing glass of cold water. If you think I’m talking about H-2-O, then you’re right. But I could be sipping on heavy water, or deuterium oxide, aka D-2-O, just as easily. Well, not just as easily… […]

Want to Speak a Foreign Language Better? Have a Drink

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[♪ INTRO] Greetings! I’m Anthony Brown, and I’ll be joining Brit and Hank on this channel to talk about these wonderful, weird brains of ours and how they work! And I couldn’t be more… psyched about it. Now, onto the science. We all know that having a little bit to drink can make you a […]

Why A Beer Belly Actually Makes You Faster

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(triumphant music plays) – Since retiring, I’ve been wondering just one thing. Can a beer belly make you faster? – How? I hear you ask. Well, there is a precedent for this. Back in 2011, Frank Schleck wore a CamelBak hydration system backwards, on his front, during the Critérium International time trial. And at the […]

How Do Draught/Draft Beer Systems Work – Beer Taps Explained

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How do draught beer systems work? All modern draught beer systems operate with the same principle: Using a gas, beer is moved from a container, out through the draught tower’s faucet… …where the bartender pours you a cool one. To achieve this, and serve a beer in perfect condition, a couple of components are required. […]


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Hi Oh what is that Dustin SOOOOOUUUUEEEEEE!!! what up everybody it’s just dustin im back with into the video now you guys must know by now how my videos work I got an Amazon gift card you guys ok I split into three parts hidden throughout this video So to win some money all you […]

Are Energy Drinks Really That Dangerous?

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Before you reach for the energy drink, you may want to reconsider. They may kill you. Hey guys, Amy with you on DNews today. Energy drinks have become common in the United States in recent years offering a quick energy boost to match a fast-paced life. And they work because they’re packed with sugar, caffeine, […]

How Do Cats and Dogs Drink Water?

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You might have noticed how cats delicately lap up milk, while dogs will head over to a water dish and sloppily splash all over your floor. Turns out, there’s some interesting physics to back up the phrase, “cats rule and dogs drool.” That’s because these pets have to use their tongues to get liquids into […]