Jimmy Challenges Guy Fieri to Drink a Raw Egg

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-Guy, we love when you come by, my friend. Thank you so much for being here. -This is awesome. Glad to be back. [ Cheers and applause ] -I did see something on Instagram. Is this true, that — Are you friends with Sylvester Stallone, or you were at his house or something? -We’re not […]

How to Make Pumpkin Pizza With Thom Beers

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Action Bronson Drinks Through Rural France – From Paris with Love (Part 3)

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Glycol Cooled vs Kegerators Which Draft Beer System to Buy

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Glycol-cooled our kegerators – which is the best draft beer system? If you’re confused about which draft beer system to purchase, in this video I’m going to give you the costs and comparisons of each. Coming up! Hi, I’m Rick from Bar Designers, where I share my passion about bar design, draft beer system design […]

In-N-Out Burger unveils ‘Drink Cup Shoes’: What footwear is all about? 🍔 | ABC7

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How do you get the best wine in a restaurant? Top secret hacks revealed!

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I would look the somm right in the eye and I would say… Welcome wine fans, to Simon of Orange. I know it’s been a while, I’m really sorry and maybe you’re wondering why it took me so long the answer is I was a little bit disheartened by the lack of subscribers on this […]

Wines on Wine – Rule Breakers (October 2019 Master’s Flight)

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There are some very famous blends in the world that are often copied. A great example is Bordeaux. In fact, we copy it. Our Lux Meritage is a take-off on a classic Bordeaux blend where there are specific rules about the varietals that you use. That being said, sometimes it’s fun to break the rules, […]

An Osaka drinking tour with SWERY

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– One highball please, double. – One beer please. Double here doesn’t mean double volume of alcohol, but double the size. You can get a bit drunk with just one highball. It’s lunch time, should we order something to eat? – The oden looks good. – It is good. Let’s have an oden assortment and […]

Steak and Beer Soup recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

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Poor Mans Viagra Drink, “Wow” Factor – Healthy.

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It is recommended that you see a Medical Doctor first. Hello, again, welcome back to Cookingaround I will be doing one of my special Drinks today. This one is really, really going to be interesting. Notice here I have some basic ingredients on top of this cutting board here and I want you to know […]