Red Bull: The Real Story Behind the Can

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You’ve probably had that feeling when you’re tired, but you’ve got to stay awake, so you pop open an energy drink and boom, you’re hit by that familiar rush of energy. It’s this feeling that has given rise to an industry worth approximately 64.7 billion dollars as of 2015, and so this week’s Behind the […]

Types of Red Wine : Malbec Wine Facts

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Hi, I’m going to tell you about a wine called Malbec. Sometimes people pronounce it “Molbec”, it depends on where you’re from. Now Malbec is not very known in America, but it should be, it has an interesting story. Malbec is actually thought to be from the Bordue region in France. And as a matter […]

Wine Types & Selection Tips : Types of Red Wine

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And now I’m going to talk about the different types of red wines. From my perspective, red wines fall into two categories, New World red wines and Old World red wines. New World red wines have, in main, go by varietal. Varietal means one grape variety within the bottle. So here we’ve got a hundred […]

Is Spanish Wine the Best in the World? | Omar Allibhoy | #WineWars

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Welcome to Drinks Tube I’m Omar Allibhoy and I’m here to tell you why Spanish wines are the best. This is wine wars! Spanish wine, it’s the killer. Spain is just full of vineyards. It has more area covered than any other country in the world, with over 3 million acres. We make some of […]

How to Make Coke Can Rose – Valentines Day Gift

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In this video I’m going to show you how to make a red rose, out of an empty Coke can. Start by using a knife and a pair of scissors to cut the top and bottom off your Coke can and turn it into a flat sheet of tin. Be very careful not to cut […]

Taste Test Wine Prank

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– My gosh. This is about to blow everyone’s mind. (funky music) – [Voiceover] Most people think we detect flavor only on the tongue but it’s not so. To prove this, we took a white wine, poured two glasses and dyed one red. Then, did a blind taste test. – Oh, it’s a red one. […]

A Guide to Red Wine : Types of Red Wine: Hungarian Wines

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Hello my name is Mihaly Fabok, we are here on behalf of Expert Village. I would like to tell you very important things about Hungarian wines. The quality-the quality of the Hungarian wine improved a lot since the 1990’s. And now we have more than 400 wineries around Hungary. And they are really focusing on […]

Wine & Cheese Pairings : Pairing Blue Cheese with Red Wines

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Hi, I’d like to talk to you a bit about pairing blue cheese and red wine. Now, this is a unique combination and you have to be a little bit careful. It’s like a wrestling match, it could go bad or it could go very, very well. Here’s what’s going on. Blue cheese has a […]

Wine specialist recommends 10 holiday wines

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good afternoon my name is Kirt Hintzelman I’m one of the Retail Wine Specialist here at the West Shore Plaza in the Lemoyne we can answer any of your questions to see and look for any of us in the green aprons all right let’s go let’s go through some wines for Christmas let’s go […]

Types of White Wine : Using a White Wine Glass

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Hello, my name is Mihaly Fabsk, and we are here on behalf of Expert Village. We are talking about white whines — how to serve, how to enjoy, the white whine. First of all, if you have white wines you need a white wine glass. Actually, this is a nice white wine glass. Usually, the […]