How To Make Fish With Red Wine Sauce And Rosemary Potatoes By Rachael

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So for this dish I’m kind of cheating the time on making roasted potatoes with rosemary by parboiling the potatoes in salted water. The way we cook potatoes always, right, cold potatoes, cold water. We’re gonna go full boil then add the salts, so we’ve got the oven as high as it goes. I’ve got […]

The Chemistry of Wine

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You know that guy in your group of friends that always brings wine to the party JUST so he can talk about it? He’s always saying things like “Ooh! There are notes of bacon! Reaaaally swish it around you’ll get those hints of cream soda. Really taste the purple.” It may sound strange, and it […]

$20 Malbec Vs. $100 Malbec | Which Argentina Wine Should You Buy? | TWJ_Ep#23

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What is up guys? Julien Miquel here of Social Vignerons, back with another one video. This is episode 23 of the Tasting With Julien series. As I was working on a video project, I was given the chance to taste a range of different Malbecs from Argentina. famous Malbec red wines from Argentina from 20 […]

Try Wives Redecorate Keith’s Room • TWWT

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– Hey. – Hey. – What’s up, what’s up, what’s up? ♪ Try Wives Wine Time ♪ – We’re back baby! – We’re back baby. – We are in the middle of making over Keith and Becky’s spare room. We are doing a special, ooh yes girl. I feel like that’s really the most important […]

Wine Information : Wine & Cheese Pairing

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The love affair between red wine and cheese is historic. Great selections for cheese would be a nice Tuscany, or perhaps another Bordeaux, from Saint Emilion. However, if you’d like to step out of the box a little bit, this New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc works perfectly with cheese, as does this California Chardonnay. Either way, […]

5. Still Can’t Believe I Made My Own Wine ( emotional… )

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Hey guys, What’s up? It’s Alex. So welcome back. The wine-making series. Today is the fifth and final episode of how to make fri-fri-fri freakish wine at home using only basic equipment. In this series, I’m sharing my whole experience about wine-making at home from fresh grapes all the way to beautiful wine And using […]

How Heart Disease Created America’s Wine Industry

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This is an inviting glass of wine. Inside is about 125 calories, about 15% alcohol by volume, and some antioxidants. Of course, we didn’t always think about it this scientifically. Humans have been drinking wine since the Dark Ages. The ancient Greeks even worshipped a god of wine. It wasn’t until the 20th century that […]

What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Wine Every Night

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We all have that friend who is obsessed with wine — the one who can actually taste notes of blackberry and oak while we’re proud of ourselves for recognizing that it’s a cabernet. Well, it turns out your wine snob friend may be onto something. Wine has long been thought to be beneficial for our […]

Beetroot wine / Christmas special wine/Red wine

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Drinking alcohol is injurious to health.This video is intended for educational purpose only

Instant Pot WINE – grape juice to wine? | FERMENTED

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Greetings my beautiful lovelies, it’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today I’m going to be making Instant Pot wine. And, as a disclaimer, if you are not 21 or over, do not make this recipe. Thank you! Alrighty, so I first learned about this recipe from the FoodNService blog, in which David Murphy makes wine using a […]