Taste Test Wine Prank

By Brian Lemay 99 comments

– My gosh. This is about to blow everyone’s mind. (funky music) – [Voiceover] Most people think we detect flavor only on the tongue but it’s not so. To prove this, we took a white wine, poured two glasses and dyed one red. Then, did a blind taste test. – Oh, it’s a red one. […]

Buying Liquor with McLovin’ Fake ID

By Brian Lemay 100 comments

You guys know boys every Monday we’re dropping two new videos one on YouTube one on full Send.com That’s gonna be we’re gonna see all our R rated videos boys. There’s just some shit you can’t argue We cannot post on YouTube like anymore at all hitting bong in lectures We finally did it with […]

We Completely Ruined A Wine Tour… (ARRESTED)

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I got baddies with me with me