Does Tapping a Shaken Can of Soda Actually Reduce Foam?

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Hello I’m Daven Hiskey and today we’ve got something a little different for you. We received a question from a TodayIFoundOut subscriber on whether or not tapping a shaken soda can actually results in less foam spewing out, as is the widely held belief. This seemed interesting enough to us, but when we looked far […]

Extreme Soda Taste Test

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Hey guys, we just wanted to take a second to let you know that GMM is up for show – of the year the the Streamy Awards! – But we need your votes and tweets to win. You can vote by tweeting “I vote for #GoodMythicalMorning for Show of the Year at the #Streamys! Or […]

A Mysterious Coca-Cola Surprise…

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There’s always something new around here Every time I come here and I tell you guys that stuff just shows up I think it might be the last time I say that but of course it isn’t Because this is Unbox Therapy The boxes are never gonna stop showing up That says “Coca Cola” on […]

How soda, sports drinks and energy drinks affect your teeth

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Hello again! This is Laura Geiger from Southeast Family Dental. Today I want to discuss sodas and other drinks that are harmful to your teeth. As most people know, regular sodas or pops are very harmful to your teeth because of the large amount of sugar they contain. But did you know that other very […]

This is What Happens to Soda in a Vacuum Chamber

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Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop Today we are trying something out that hundreds of you have asked for down in the comments. We’re going to see what happens when we put soda in a vacuum chamber. We’re gonna try this bunch of different ways. We’re gonna put whole cans in the […]

Gwen Stefani – Cool (Official Music Video)

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This Many Cans of Coke (Soda) Will Kill You

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Today we’re taking a look at America’s favorite junk food: soda. We’ve all heard the news reports and scientific studies, and we probably all have that one health nut friend who tells us just how terrible soda is for us, and while soda drunk without moderation is certainly very bad for you, just how much […]

Dietitians Dish on Beverages and Your Preschooler: Best Choices

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Healthy beverage choices are just as important as healthy food choices for your preschooler. Offer two servings of milk each day. A serving is 8 oz, or 250mL. If your child doesn’t drink cow’s milk, offer fortified soy beverage instead. And remember, too much milk isn’t good either. More than three cups a day can […]

汽水龙眼冰条❤Soft Drinks Ice Pop

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Soft Drinks Ice pop

POPs on Route 66 | 700 Different Beverage Flavors

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Welcome to K&L! Today we’re going to POPs! Yay! Kate you’re pretty strong. Ya, you gotta tight grip girl. What do you see? Are those pops? Cokes? Sodas? Soda-pop? Bubblies? Okay so since we’re at POPs we’re gonna go pick out our own special drink, I think its like 700 different kind of pops they […]