Wine Glass Charms

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Hello, I’m Kelly Acheson from astamp coming to you from Menasha WI. Today for the Splitcoaststampers tutorial we’re gonna be playing with shrink plastic, Now you may remember this from when you were a kid – we called it shrinky dinks and they were so much fun watching the magic happen in the oven. […]

Recycle Right – Beverage Cases

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Packaging, like this pop case, can’t be recycled as one item because plastic and cardboard are sold as two separate items. Please remove the plastic from the cardboard, flatten the cardboard and then put it into the blue box. Place the plastic wrap inside a plastic bag along with other wrap and plastic bags. Tie […]

Would Banning Plastic Bottles Help or Hurt the Planet?

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– When you see me holding this plastic bottle of water what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Quick and cheap hydration that you can grab when you’re on the go, Yet another piece of plastic that’s just gonna end up polluting the planet. If my butler’s not serving me sustainably harvested rain water […]

How to Carbonate a Flat Beverage – Soda, Water or Any Beverage You Need Fizzy

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How to carbonate a flat beverage If you’re interested in carbonating your own beverages at home or bringing sodas that have lost their fizziness back from the dead, this do-it-yourself carbonation method is easier, more versatile, and less expensive to use than over-the-counter carbonation machines. All you’ll need is a few simple components and a […]

Subwave network Live Chaplins wine bar groovebox sessions, summer 2010

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i dont like plastic i dont like fake, which one is you