Paint Cabin – Create! Drink! Repeat!

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Work kind of sucks… But you definitely don’t! You’re cool, your fun… So Prove it! Grab your friends and bring them to Paint Cabin and then they will know that you don’t suck! Sounds great.. Right!? Paint Cabin offers the full package… A place to meet A place to eat A place to drink and… […]

??? : 아 번지점프 정말 미칠듯이 하고 싶다!!! / [대충 인터뷰] ‘비워 (beer)’ 차트 확인하는 창모의 집 습격!!!!!!!!!

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Oh no, we got up to first… …11th place! [Quick Interview] CHANGMO [Captions and Translation by: evn] Oh, no! -Check what ranking we are on right now! …Why is it maintaining? By now it’s normal for it to go down. Ah… Before when we were at 12th place I still had a peace of mind… […]

#Momsplaining with Kristen Bell: Kidsplaining

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Hi. I’m Kristen Bell, mother of two and wife of one. Today, I’m going to talk to some kids. Am I a professional kid talker? No. Am I qualified to talk to children that aren’t my own? No. Is that going to stop me? Absolutely not. Let’s meet those kids. Oh. They’re already here. Sure […]