My Favourite Alcohol Drinks Recipe | 我的私房酒单 | 莫吉托 | 桑格利亚水果酒

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I love to have a drink with my friends when I’m in a bad mood I’d like to share with you the recipes of my favourite alcohol drinks May you be blessed by the world with all its tenderness Good night, sweet dreams

Mint Mojito Recipe | फ्रेश मिन्ट मुहितो । Virgin Mojito Recipe

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Namaskar. Welcome to Today we will make fresh mint Mojito syrup. Mojito syrup made from fresh ingredients, is tastier than that made from essence and flavor. Let’s start making Mojito. To make Mojito syrup, firstly let’s make sugar syrup. Take 1 kg sugar, add it to the vessel. Add 2 cups water to it. […]

Virgin Mojito | Virgin Mojito With Soda | Summer Drinks | By CookwithND

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Take serving glass Then add chopped lemon slice Chopped fresh mint leaves Add 1 tsp sugar Then crush it Now add pinch of salt Then add soda Mix it Mojito is ready Add 1 straw Garnish with Lemon slice serve it immediately