How to Pronounce Masseto? Italian Wine pronunciation

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Masetto is not only one of the most famous Super Tuscan wines together with the much more humble Tignanello made by Antinori but Masetto is made entirely from Merlot, the French Merlot grape 100% Merlot grape, no Sangiovese in Masetto. But Masetto is also the most expensive Italian wine the most expensive Italian vino, averaging […]

How to Pronounce Merlot? French Wine Pronunciation

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Very very beautiful estate here… What is up guys? Julien Miquel here or Social Vignerons. Welcome back to another wine video. And welcome to my wine school here on YouTube where I share the passion and knowledge of wine. I am a French winemaker wine writer and founder of one of the most popular wine […]

Types of Red Wine : Malbec Wine Facts

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Hi, I’m going to tell you about a wine called Malbec. Sometimes people pronounce it “Molbec”, it depends on where you’re from. Now Malbec is not very known in America, but it should be, it has an interesting story. Malbec is actually thought to be from the Bordue region in France. And as a matter […]


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I’m Sam with Monterey Wine Tours. I’m the owner, operator. And we’re here today to take some folks out on a wine tour. We’re going to go out to three vineyards. Out of the River Road Trail. So let’s get this party started and have a great time. -Hi.- -Hi.- Sam with Monterey Guide Wine […]

A Guide to Red Wine : Types of Red Wine: Hungarian Wines

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Hello my name is Mihaly Fabok, we are here on behalf of Expert Village. I would like to tell you very important things about Hungarian wines. The quality-the quality of the Hungarian wine improved a lot since the 1990’s. And now we have more than 400 wineries around Hungary. And they are really focusing on […]

Wine specialist recommends 10 holiday wines

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good afternoon my name is Kirt Hintzelman I’m one of the Retail Wine Specialist here at the West Shore Plaza in the Lemoyne we can answer any of your questions to see and look for any of us in the green aprons all right let’s go let’s go through some wines for Christmas let’s go […]

Wine Information : How to Choose Wine Glasses

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One very subtle but important part of the wine tasting experience is the selection of wine glasses. Over the years many different styles of wine glasses have been created to enhance the experience of each and every wine. In many places there are wine glasses for every style of wine made. It’s not absolutely necessary, […]

Drinking Argentinian Wine in Buenos Aires (feat. Steve & Kristin)

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Wine tasting! So it is our last night in Buenos Aires and we are hanging out with two of our friends Kristin and Steve. And we actually just finished filming a video of our dinner. We had some steak with Steve, so you can see that video on his channel. He’s already had a few […]

Traveling in Bordeaux Wine Tours & Top Travel Tips – Wine Oh TV

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(fast instrumental music) (corks popping) (glasses clinking) – Wine enthusiasts, listen up. We have traveled to Bordeaux and are uncovering the wine capital of the world. Getting a taste of the 2013 merlot grapes. Yeah. (soft instrumental music) Oh, merci! (soft instrumental music) The Bordeaux wine region is located in the Southwest of France, along […]

Types of Red Wine : Gamay Wine Facts

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I’m going to tell you a little bit about a grape called Gamay. Now I don’t expect you have heard of Gamay, because it’s not very well known, it’s also not very widely grown. The main wine that is made from the Gamay grape is called Bogle. And Bogle is a region in France, just […]